About us

Since 2006, web entrepreneurs Ash Young and Gareth Davies have been at the helm of Evoluted and have since been joined by a talented team of professionals from the worlds of marketing, design, development and interactive media. Great design is made even better when combined with bespoke technology; this is our passion and how we create solutions that exceed our clients' objectives. We’re proud to work with businesses of all sizes, from start ups to large multinationals, both in Sheffield and across the UK on web, print and digital projects.

Our values

We like to keep things simple, so everything we do fulfils these three values:

A great service should be for everyone, all the time

There's always a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team to speak to about your project. We have a complete ban on jargon and talk to customers like humans, not robots.

Everything we do has a measured result

There's no point creating something if we can’t measure how well it’s working for our customers. By using the latest tracking technology, we can make sure that your project is cost effective and you receive the maximum return on investment.

Quality work and happy customers are what we strive for

Our goal is to produce work which our customers love and which we can be proud of. If we don’t think what we’ve created is fantastic and exactly right for you, we’ll keep working on it until it is.

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Our history

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  • 2010
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  • 2014

June 2006

Evoluted is born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Founded by Ash and Gareth who set up in a small office in Tapton Park Innovation Centre


Oct 2007

We employ our first two staff members, doubling our workforce and marking the start of a period of growth for Evoluted.


August 2009

Hello Sheffield centre! The team relocate to larger offices, not too far away from the real ale pubs of the famous Kelham Island.


December 2011

We outgrew our small office and took hold of the entire building, spreading out over 3 floors.


January 2012

The refurbishment of our 18th century offices is complete and the team moves into our swanky new work space.

The Future

The Future

We’ll keep designing, building, marketing and growing!

Our team

Ash Young

Managing Director

Ash is the captain of the Evoluted ship and makes sure his crew are all heading in the same direction. Although Ash wanted to be a stockbroker when he was little, he declined the cutthroat life of Gordon Gekko and opted for a more honest, but no less exciting profession as co-founder of Evoluted. Today Ash’s influences are far more balanced and he gains inspiration from Evoluted’s team spirit and outstanding work and President Bartlet’s thoughtful style of leadership.

Andy Carter


Andy’s job at Evoluted is to build beautiful websites and he’s particularly happy when he’s doing this to the sounds of The Smiths and Radiohead. A classical guitarist in the making, Andy enjoys a challenge at work too and likes to give his brain a workout by building fantastic websites for clients. When the working day is done, you’ll find Andy watching films on the biggest screen he can find.

Gareth Davies


Tea maker, biscuit dunker and heavy sleeper, Evoluted’s co-founder Gareth is an eclectic mix. Part footy fan, part beer drinker and part rally driver, Gareth had lofty dreams of becoming an astronaut as a child but stayed on Earth and settled on leading the Evoluted team to world domination instead.

Steve Martin

Project manager

Film fanatic Steve once brushed shoulders with Keira Knightley on the set of The Duchess and his love for acting means he now treads the boards regularly in amateur dramatic productions. Until Hollywood comes knocking, Steve will skilfully continue to multitask project management with making nice cups of tea for the team at Evoluted.

Will Barron

Creative Director

Fine food, intellectual chitchat and ping pong make the Evoluted office the ideal workplace for lead designer Will. Victory comes naturally to Will as he’s a regular at the top of the Evoluted ping pong league and when he’s slicing up the ice as a forward for the Sheffield Spartans ice hockey team.

Jenny Hadfield


Jenny is an artist both with paints and a canvas and with a graphics tablet as she designs user-friendly works of art for print and web for our clients. A lover of real ale, Jenny can often be found in Kelham Island’s Fat Cat pub after a hard day designing.

James Thomas


At the age of twelve James knew he wanted to be a web developer and an undisclosed number of years later he joined Evoluted where he maintains and develops countless websites using various languages, tools, blood, sweat and tears. Always trying to better himself, he strives for improvement as a developer, a gamer, a pianist and as the chief taster of various chicken-based cuisine.

Mike Barlow


Just like his much-loved Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye to Mike Barlow. Developer at Evoluted by day, at night Mike is a ten pin tumbling, X-Box playing, drum hitting, music recording mega star who, in quieter moments, can be found having a nice pint in the pub.

Myke Cook


Myke is a rocker at heart and enjoys thrashing about having a dance at Sheffield’s Corporation rock club or strumming his purple Ibanez SA260. As a website developer at Evoluted, Myke loves the relaxed atmosphere of the workplace and also has a perverse liking for styling CSS.

Stewart Doxey


Football mad Stewart once dreamed of a glittering career as Derby County’s number 9 but fate led him to Evoluted instead where he’s a web developer and winner of go-karting competitions. He’s not sidelined his footy career to the bench yet though as he regularly plays and hasn’t ruled out his chances of a career at Derby on Fifa either.

Linus Cash


Like his hero Henry Ford, Linus is the one who develops all the gears and cogs that make our products work! Except we’re building websites, not cars, of course. Not that that stops him from emulating his hero. The ultimate vintage fiend, Linus is never happier than when he is tinkering around with his old Austin Morris Mini 1000, or flicking through the pages of his prized DIY book from the 1800s. Linus probably should have been born 100 years ago, but then we wouldn't get to have him with us here at Evoluted!

Luke Brown


Give Luke a pint of ale, a snooker cue and a guitar and he’s a happy guy. Even better, smash up his guitar so he gets to indulge his passion for fixing things up! Actually, on second thoughts, maybe don’t do that... Our resident snooker champ loves a challenge, particularly if it has to do with computers. He once dreamed of becoming a millionaire chef, but luckily for us (and Gordon Ramsey) he chose to create kick ass websites for Evoluted instead.

Josh Buckle

Digital Marketing Executive

At the pub or in the chilled-out Evoluted offices, Josh likes to keep it relaxed. That’s perhaps why he never achieved his childhood ambition of tearing up the track as a champion racing driver. These days Josh would rather shake it to the music of his hero Alex Turner down the Leadmill, while supping a cold cider. Bet he looks good on the dancefloor.

John-Paul Archer

Junior Developer

It isn't just cake that JP loves. It's all awesome and delicious food. That's certainly been helpful in fitting into the Evoluted team – but thankfully for his waistline, he also likes to get active in the great outdoors. So when he isn't chilling out with friends or catching a film at the cinema, gadget lover JP is canoeing or kayaking his way down rapids and rivers. Chuck him a bun if you see him.

Who next?

If you are passionate about all things digital and think you've got what it takes, then why not join us?

Sheffield culture

We're based in Sheffield which is famous for its seven hills, its music, its steel heritage and, of course, Henderson’s Relish. The steel city’s history is alive in our offices as we work from the former John Watts cutlery works, a Grade II listed building dating back to 1765. The building is a short walk from the city centre and as it’s recently been refurbished, it’s a great place for our clients to see what we do and maybe even partake in a game of table tennis.

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