18 JUL
data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation is being phased in over the next two years, with businesses set to feel its full force from 25th May 2018. Despite the nature of the EU Referendum results, UK businesses won’t be able to ignore significant data protection changes announced by the EU back in May. The General Data […]

24 MAY
rich cards thumb

Last week, Google released a new addition to their mobile search results – rich cards. Primarily designed as an upgrade on standardised rich snippets, it is the tech giant’s hope that this new feature will ultimately improve the mobile search experience. Alongside what was effectively a final warning to webmasters regarding the importance of a […]

27 APR
businessman rating

According to recent studies, 90% of people are influenced by reviews when making purchasing decisions online. The presence of genuine user reviews on a website helps to build trust in companies and their products; and consequently, customers are more likely to make a purchase. It can be difficult for companies in certain industries to attract […]

14 APR
google link penalty

Google began to place manual actions on websites from the 9th April. You can check whether you have been sent an outbound link penalty via the Google Search Console message centre.

13 APR
mobile algorithm

The latest update to Google’s mobile search algorithm will only further heighten the importance of having a mobile-friendly site.