Google’s local search results often present a great opportunity for local websites to exposure, compared to Google’s often brand-dominated organic results. For example searching for “website design”, from our base in Sheffield, produces a search results page that gives precedence to a number of Sheffield-based companies before displaying the main organic results. On the 6th of August […]


If you regularly use Google Analytics to assess your website’s performance you might be aware of the recent increase in spam referrals that are reducing the accuracy of referral reports. When viewing referral data in Google Analytics (websites that send you traffic) it is common to see spam referrers: websites that aren’t actually sending you traffic, but are appearing in your referral reports.

17 JUL

Google has started to test their much-anticipated Purchases on Google feature in eligible search adverts. A limited number of adverts will display “Buy on Google” branding and when searchers click on these adverts they will be taken to a retailer-branded product page that is hosted by Google to make payment. This checkout process is more […]


Most people who actively market their website will have come across the term ‘long tail’ before.

To optimise your website for long tail searches you focus on many low volume keywords that contain many words. This is in instead of focusing on shorter high volume keywords.

30 JUN

For most people moving house is a life-changing event. If you’re buying or selling you want to be able to trust the estate agents involved. Consumers judge brands they are unfamiliar with by the quality of their website. When using the website they unconsciously rate the experience. They ask, “Does this website look like it […]