21 JUL

If you run a small business, or are thinking of setting one up, there are so many things to do, areas to cover, decisions to make. Like a balance between work and home, there is another deal to strike with yourself. It concerns the level of time you spend “in” or “on” your business. Some [...]

15 JUL

Content marketing has been the buzz-phrase in the SEO world for most of 2014. Simply put, content marketing means creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and regular content to acquire, and then hold on to, an audience who can be converted into paying customers.

30 JUN

SEO is an industry full of rumours, conjecture, and guesswork. There are no “sure things” and there are a lot of myths. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, here are some of the biggest SEO myths that you should avoid buying into. Keyword Density One of the oldest and most persistent SEO [...]

24 JUN

Google recently released a new online tool, “Google My Business”, aimed at helping small businesses control their presence across Google; especially on Google+, Google Maps, and in Google’s search results. These services are some of the most common ways that new and existing customers will connect with your business, making it vitally important that you [...]

10 JUN

Twitter’s Bootstrap has understandably become a very popular CSS framework, but if you’re needing more creative freedom there’s inuit.css. According to inuit.css’ README file it’s “a powerful little framework designed for serious developers.”