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20 Ways Technology and the Internet Have Changed – 2006 vs 2016

Having recently celebrated our 10th anniversary here at Evoluted, we thought we’d look back on how the internet – and technology in general – has changed over the past decade.

The facts we’ve complied make for truly fascinating reading and it’s remarkable to think how much the tech world has changed in such a relatively short space of time.

2006 vs 2016

Search Engines

2006 / 2016

Google Chrome hadn’t even been released yet / Search Engine Land reported in May that 63,000 searches are made every second using the search engine.

The most-viewed video on YouTube is the Pokemon Theme Music Video, according to Business Insider, with just under 7 million views / The most-viewed video in 2016 is Psy’s Gangnam Style, which has more than a staggering 2.5 billion views.

Around 65% internet users were running Internet Explorer / Incredibly, that figure is now down to around 5% (stats from w3schools)

Google Adwords has now been running for around 6 years / Google makes more than $100 million a day through Adwords

Social Media

2006 / 2016

Twitter was launched in March 2006 / Twitter now has more than 300 million monthly active users

Facebook had been running for around 2 years and had reached a valuation of around $500 million, according to the New York Times / Facebook’s value has increased by close to 70,000% over the past decade to reach a reported $350 billion

Facebook didn’t run a Messenger app – nor did it have instant messaging integrated. All correspondence was made on each user’s ‘wall’ / Facebook Messenger is now available and Mark Zuckerberg reports on his Facebook page that the service receives 900 million monthly users

It would still be another 4 years before the launch of Instagram / Instagram has 500 million users, with more than 60 million pictures uploaded daily


2006 / 2016

Dropbox is still a year away from being launched / In March, Dropbox report that they’ve surpassed 500 million users

iCloud wouldn’t be announced for another 5 years / In February, according to Tech Crunch. Apple surpassed 782 million iCloud users


2006 / 2016

BT TV was launched to rival Sky, particularly in the sports market / BT have broken Sky’s monopoly on the sports market and now own the coveted Champions League rights. Both providers have now launched their 4K Ultra HD services

People still rented films and video games from high-street specialist Blockbuster / Blockbuster’s last stores closed in 2013

Netflix wouldn’t be launched in the UK for another 6 years / More than a quarter of UK households now subscribe to Netflix, according to a report by The Guardian in June


2006 / 2016

It would be another 4 years before the first iPad was launched / The iPad Pro was launched in March.

The first iPhone had yet to be released. / There have now been 10 different iPhone models. In Q3 of 2016, Apple sold 40.4 Million iPhone units. These generated revenue of around $24 billion.

Whatsapp hadn’t been created and wouldn’t be for another 4 years / Whatsapp report in February that their total monthly active users have surpassed the 1 billion mark


2006 / 2016

The Nintendo Wii was launched / On 22nd October, Nintendo announce the impending release of the Switch

The PS3 was launched / Playstation’s follow-up console, the PS4, has now been available for 3 years. A second model has since been released


2006 / 2016

Spotify didn’t exist / Spotify has over 100 million users. Wired reported an estimated worth of over $8 billion for the service.

Apple Music was 9 years away from being launched / In June, Apple reported at WWDC that they had reached 15 million paid subscribers.

Written by Sean Potter

A lover of fine food, golf and football, Sean joined the Evoluted team in August 2015. Chiefly responsible for making sure that our clients’ websites are search engine friendly, he’s delighted to have found his true calling in Digital Marketing. Bar a stint in Newcastle where he gained his degree, Sean has spent the rest of his 26 years living in his home city of Sheffield. He is now settled here with his long-term girlfriend. Rarely seen without a coffee in-hand, his Nespresso machine is his most treasured possession. That and the rare occasions Arsenal win a trophy keep him ticking along nicely. Read more posts by Sean Potter

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