Andy Carter Senior Developer

With more than two decades’ coding experience under his belt, Senior Developer Andy continues to prove an integral part of the Evoluted development team. Having been with Evoluted since 2012, he has worked on countless projects for our clients. An analytical thinker, his background includes time spent working as a theoretical physicist; which involved research into Quantum Optics.

Andy’s development path has seen him enhance his skills through previous work with another Sheffield agency, whilst he also spent time as a Research Associate at Sheffield University. When he’s not coding for our clients, Andy enjoys unwinding on walks in the Peaks; whilst he also has a passion for discovering street art.

“I’ve been with Evoluted for over 5 years now and each day has brought with it fresh new challenges due to the diversity of work that has come my way. This along with getting to work with a talented team of great people makes working here an enjoyable experience.”

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