Eleanor Gribbon Content Specialist

Content Specialist Eli is responsible for delivering creative content strategies for Evoluted clients, from ideation stage through to execution, with a focus on delivering tangible results through data-driven, integrated campaigns and combining creative execution with technical expertise to drive results that directly impact her clients' bottom lines.

Before Evoluted, Eleanor spent time as a content marketer for a leading health and wellbeing organisation, and more recently as digital marketing manager at a Sheffield-based games development agency where she owned the overall digital and brand strategy for the company.

Away from her desk, Eli can be found playing video games, binge-watching trashy TV, or indulging in her lockdown-induced obsession with house plants (most of which are still alive!). Between the jungle canopy - aka her living room - the team occasionally gets glimpses of Eli’s two Siamese cats, Ralph and Rufus, on our weekly video calls.

“I'm passionate about creating inspiring content that educates, engages and converts. It's great to work with a team that operates in the same way and who support one another succeed!”

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