James Stone SEO Account Manager

Arriving just before Christmas ‘19, James brought an expansive set of skills to town with him. With a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Applied Statistics, he entered digital marketing via the route of Data Science. He cites his key strengths as research, data analysis, statistical programming and data modelling. 

Prior to joining Evoluted, James worked for an international digital agency at the cusp of data journalism and PR - making him a perfect fit for our team. In his role as SEO account manager, he’s now responsible for all aspects of SEO strategy for our clients. 

James’ personal interests include cooking, film and sport. He has a particular habit of hero-worshipping Tom Brady thanks to his love of the NFL.

“The Evoluted team is friendly and talented – the recipe for a great work environment. The eclectic mix of clients keeps me on my toes and always learning.”

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