Jenny Hadfield Designer

Since joining Evoluted in 2011, Jenny’s extensive design experience has helped hundreds of our clients to obtain great results. Comfortable working on illustration, branding and print projects - as well as websites and apps - her skillset has been enhanced thanks to an intriguing career path. This has seen Jenny spend time with the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce; as well as a British design firm based in Hangzhou, China. Jenny’s time in Asia saw her work for several large international companies.

Away from work, Jenny is mostly busy spending time with her family. She also enjoys drinking ale and scrolling through Pinterest whilst planning new craft projects and recipes. Having grown up watching Dr Who and Star Trek, she also retains a keen interest in sci-fi.

“I should probably mention how great it is to work with a forward-thinking, innovative team. Or how it’s a chilled out and great place to work. But what’s been most important to me working at Evoluted, is just how incredibly supportive it is. It really enables you to do what you love, being stress-free with a great work-life balance. I’m pretty lucky, going to work is something I look forward to, not everyone can truly say that!”

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