Jess Peace Content & PR Specialist

For our Content and PR Specialist, Jess, strategy is where it’s at. With an impressive background in developing SEO content strategies that produce outstanding results, Jess has held roles such as Content and SEO Manager and Content Strategist. At Evoluted, she combines her knowledge with creativity to develop not only content marketing strategies, but also exciting digital PR campaigns. With a BA and MA in Journalism, she knows exactly how to land those links.

In her spare time Jess likes to flex her content muscles by writing for entertainment, art and music publications. Her impressive portfolio includes The i Paper, NME, Exposed and much more. Jess also likes to share her knowledge of the industry and is a proud mentor with Women in Tech SEO. As a true Yorkshire lass, she loves nothing more than a cup of Yorkshire Tea (or a good whiskey if it’s a Friday night) and we can’t stop her with the culture references.

“The best thing about working for Evoluted is working with people who know their stuff and genuinely love the work that they do!”

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