Joe Rushton Web Developer

Junior Developer Joe joined Evoluted in the summer of 2016. Having initially harboured ambitions as a gaming designer, his keen interest in the world of technology instead led him to choose the world of web development. Since arriving with us, he’s put his skills to use developing bespoke content management systems for our clients.

The city centre location, relaxed atmosphere and benefit scheme are all factors Joe cites as having helped him to settle into his stride at Evoluted. When he’s not here, you’ll often find him lifting weights in the gym; whilst he’s also an avid guitar player. He mentions Steve Cook as being a key influence on his life.

“As a developer at Evoluted, I get the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects using different tools and technologies which makes work enjoyable and helps to keep things fresh. There is always someone around to help if ever I find myself struggling but most importantly, there's always a generous supply of cake available in the office.”

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