Steph Naylor Content Strategist

Steph’s roots are well and truly in Sheffield, and the city will always be her first love. Steph studied at Sheffield Hallam University, where she graduated with a degree in Media Studies back in 2011. Since then, she’s worked in online marketing for around 10 years, but on-site content will always be her biggest passion. Steph is currently the Content Strategist at Evoluted. She specialises in developing strategies to increase ROI for her clients and inspire and engage audiences by using data. 

Steph is the proud owner of 2 Persian cats and spends most of her free time either in the gym, cooking her favourite meals, or playing detective while watching real crime documentaries.

“What makes working at Evoluted different from any other place is the people here. They’re an insanely talented and lovely bunch and don’t hesitate to share what they know with the broader team!”

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