Stephanie Ashmore Project Manager

In her role as Project Manager at Evoluted, Steph puts her knowledge of graphic design, software integration and UX to use to the benefit of our clients. She has particular expertise in the print-on-demand and personalisation sector, thanks to some of her previous employment roles.

Having started out as a Digital Graphic Designer at Sports Direct, Steph has since worked on projects for UK brands including Debenhams, Tesco and M&S. This saw her advance her experience around website project management, personalisation systems and marketing.

Outside of work, Steph’s keen eye is reflected in her love of archery; at least in the summer months. During the colder part of the year, she’s happier hibernating with board games, baking and wine.

“Evoluted is an innovative, supportive and exciting place to work. I’m really proud to say I’m part of the Evoluted Team!”

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