Go Beyond

gobeyond help companies facing challenges meeting or managing internal changes across their business, across all areas of Customer Experience Management. As a practitioner-led Digital and Transformation solutions provider, they assist their clients through advice, design, testing and delivery.

To help connect with new customers, gobeyond needed a ‘brochure’ style website that concisely communicated the services they provide. This placed simple navigation and clear calls-to-action at the centre of the design.

Project Details

The new website we developed for gobeyond has been clearly divided into concise sections that communicate the client’s services in a simple way. Large, relevant imagery breaks up the text, which is largely kept to small, digestable paragraphs.  

The prominent case study section formed a core part of the design, since one of gobeyond’s primary challenges is to communicate exactly why companies should use their services.

The apparently simple site also hides some more complex development, primarily in the ‘Careers’ section. Here, we utilised an API key to automatically pull in vacancies from a large, external industry site. This improves efficiency by removing the need for manual updates.

  • Brochure-style website with simple navigation
  • Designed to educate gobeyond clients
  • Integration with Webhelp - one of the UK’s largest providers of customer experience management solutions. API integration is used to pull in latest vacancies to the recruitment section of the site
  • Prominent case study section to emphasise value of services