Pricecheck is an international wholesaler and distributor of FMCG goods. Servicing global retailers and customers, they are trusted across the UK and beyond. They got in touch with Evoluted to discuss outsourcing a development project that would enable them to modernise their online systems and pricing for account customers.

Whilst Pricecheck do have their own in-house development team, what they didn’t have was the resource to deliver the work they needed. They needed help, but also didn’t want to be tied into any long-term development contracts. That’s where Evoluted came in. Taking the reins on the project for the client, we ultimately developed the system they needed before handing back over the finished product.

Project Details

Many large companies encounter problems when it comes to advanced development, for reasons that most commonly include a lack of resources or required knowledge. We’re well versed in delivery here and this project for Pricecheck presents a great example of how well it can work.

As we would with any project, the first key step was to understand exactly what Pricecheck needed to achieve their goals. The answer was an online ordering portal for account customers, that would sync with their own API and pricing. By integrating this with their back end system, we were able to deliver on their needs.

The client particularly loved the fact that they weren’t tied into any long-term maintenance contracts with us. We simply worked with their team before handing the finished product back over to them at the end of the process.

  • No long-term maintenance contract requirements
  • Online ordering portal for account customers
  • Providing resources that couldn’t be fulfilled by in-house team
  • Integration with back end system
  • Finished product handed back over at the end of the process

“Evoluted’s knowledge and expertise helped us change our online offering and launch an eCommerce site. They provided us with a solid foundation that will enable our in-house team to continue developing bespoke updates. Our website transition was no easy task and the Evoluted team tackled any challenge we sent their way and remained flexible throughout the process.”

Alessio Migali, Pricecheck