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Top celebs have made a career from the love of their fans. But who’s been spreading the most positivity back to their followers during lockdown?

We’ve taken the top 200 most famous celebrities in the UK (according to YouGov) and analysed their social media attitudes since 1st March 2020.

So, who’s spreading the love?Down arrow

While not all of the most famous celebs tweet, we had a look at those that do to see who’s tweeted with words related to positivity, joy, sadness, disgust, negativity, anger and more.

Lockdown Lovers

Which celebs are spreading the most lockdown love?

Kylie Minogue is our most positive lockdown tweeter than any other celeb in our analysis, with an 89.7% positivity score.

Positivity Ranked Overall By Celeb Jobs

How does the positivity of our celebs compare across different industries?

  1. football icon

    #1 Sports Personalities

    79.00% Positive

  2. football icon

    #2 Music Artist

    76.00% Positive

  3. football icon

    #3 TV Personalities

    73.00% Positive

  4. football icon

    #4 Actors

    69.00% Positive

  5. football icon

    #5 Public Figures

    69.00% Positive

  6. football icon

    #6 Comedians

    68.00% Positive

  7. football icon

    #7 Writers

    60.00% Positive

What Have The Celebs Been Tweeting About?

Love, Coronavirus, Home etc.

Tweet Love Vs Frequency

Here we’ve delved deeper to look at the celebs positivity versus how many times they’ve tweeted.

Lionel Richie not only has a higher positivity ranking than Cristiano, he’s also tweeted far more. So Lionel’s spreading the love more often too!

Click on the images to reveal the celebs in each position.