Luxury Islands

The slice of paradise you can own for less than a property

The Ultimate Extravagant Purchase:

A View Into The World Of Luxurious Private Islands

Owning a private island is the ultimate extravagance in life. Secluded idylls with clear waters, white sand beaches, breathtaking scenery and complete privacy. Nothing can beat an entire paradise all to yourself. Did you know, some are more affordable than you’d think? In fact, there are plenty of private islands you can buy for less than a UK flat.

Evoluted analysed 805 listings for tranquil private islands across two of the main online marketplaces. We used Rightmove and Finder to compare UK city flat prices and around the world, to the costs of private islands, and who could be your celeb neighbour.

Dive into the key findings:

There are 805 private islands listed across the two main marketplaces.

The total value of all the listed private islands across the world is $2,902,212,657 (£2,078,869,437).

You can buy a Beachfront Island Parcel in Belize, Central America (6 Acres) for less than a 2 bedroom flat in Edinburgh.

There are 201 islands around the world that cost less than the average 2-bedroom flat in London. Over half (56%) of all islands with a price tag, cost less than the average flat in Hong Kong.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Murphy, Shakira and many more celebrities are proud private island owners, and could be your neighbour.

The most expensive island is Rangyai Island in Thailand, and costs a whopping $160,000,000 (£114,608,800). The cheapest island is Half Island in Canada, and costs a mere $65,000 (£46,559).

The Private Islands That Cost

Less Than A UK City Centre Flat

Idyllic paradise living is worlds away to living in city centres across the UK. So how does UK city living compare to island living? What do you get for your money?


London, 2 bed flat


  • Close to the tube station
  • Views of skyline and high rise buildings
  • Ensuite, and bright and contemporary living space
£515,385 ($650,000)

Treasure Caye, Belize, Central America - 4.88 acres private island


  • Crystal clear aquamarine waters and easy to dock your vessel
  • Snorkel in deep waters
  • The island is ideal for use as a private getaway or a resort

Cambridge, 2 bed flat


  • Gas central heating
  • Allocated parking space
  • Open plan living room and kitchen
£313,196 ($395,000)

Howard Island, Michigan, USA - 2 acre private island


  • Beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset - paradise
  • 12 miles from the Canadian border
  • A main cottage and a quaint guest cottage

Brighton, 2 bed flat


  • Views across Brighton
  • Close to mainline Brighton railway station
  • Ensuite
£237,870 ($300,000)

Bensley Island, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada - 12 acre private island


  • Spectacular views from sunrise to sunset
  • Warm waters for swimming and sunbathing in seclusion
  • 12 acres of natural beauty with White Pine and protected coves

Edinburgh, 2 bed flat


  • Close proximity to the finest shops and restaurants
  • Views of Edinburgh city
  • Open plan living
£118,935 ($150,000)

Beachfront Parcel, Southern Long Caye, Belize, Central America - 6 Acre Private Island


  • Beautiful sunsets from the south-facing beach
  • Gorgeous white sand and crystal clear Caribbean water
  • Fishing, snorkeling, diving, spearfishing and whale watching

Manchester, 2 bed flat


  • Close to main shops and Manchester Arndale Centre
  • Lift in block of flats
  • Open plan lounge kitchen
£87,219 ($110,000)

Gillis Island, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 11 Acre Private Island


  • Paradise of forest
  • 200 feet of south-facing sandy shorefront
  • Outstanding canoeing and kayaking

Birmingham, 2 bed flat


  • Walking distance to New Street station
  • Parking space
  • Close to shops and local amenities
£51,539 ($65,000)

Half Island, Nova Scotia, Canada - 6 Acre Private Island


  • Natural beauty with great fishing and wildlife
  • Located less than 1 mile from mainland
  • Beautiful beaches

UK City living vs island living:

How many islands are cheaper than the average property in these UK cities?

UK City Average cost for a 2-bed flat Number of islands listed for less money
London £758,000 ($1,058,208) 201
Cambridge £346,000 ($483,034) 100
Brighton £323,000 ($450,925) 92
Liverpool £293,000 ($409,044) 84
Bristol £264,000 ($368,558) 65
Edinburgh £243,000 ($339,240) 57
Manchester £227,000 ($316,904) 56
Birmingham £185,000 ($258,270) 42

We analysed the average cost of a 2 bed flat in some of the UK’s biggest cities, and calculated how many private islands were listed for less money.

201 islands around the world cost less than a 2-bedroom flat in London. That’s 38% of all islands with a price tag, that are cheaper than accommodation in the UK’s capital. Nearly a fifth (19%) of islands with a listed price cost less than a 2-bed flat in Cambridge.

The Private Islands That

Cost Less Than A Flat In The Most Expensive Cities In The World

Most people have to live in cities for the job that provides them with the opportunities to buy expensive accommodation, or maybe many would rather live on the mainland than travel home by boat. However, if you’re in the market for secluded living and the ocean on your doorstep, here’s what your money can buy you instead.

£1,397,000 ($1,950,286)

Hong Kong flat


  • Roof terrace
  • Close to central business district
£787,935 ($1,100,000)

Isla Guapa, Panama, Central America - 17 acre private island


  • Rolling hills and fertile ground with lush vegetation
  • Beautiful sea views
£863,000 ($1,204,794)

Singapore flat


  • Swimming pool
  • Gym
  • 2 bedrooms
£573,044 ($800,000)

Green Bay Island, Philippines - 15 acre private island


  • White sand beach that encircles the entire island
  • Snorkel or scuba dive with colorful tropical fish
  • Coconut and Talisai trees

How many islands are

Cheaper than the average flat in these worldwide cities?

City living vs island living:

We also looked at the average cost flats in some of the most expensive cities around the world, and calculated how many private islands were listed for a cheaper price.

There are 297 private islands for sale for cheaper than an average flat in Hong Kong. There are 223 islands that cost less than a flat in Singapore, and 201 costing less than a flat in London

City Average cost for a flat Number of islands listed for less money
Hong Kong Hong Kong $1,950,286 (£1,397,000) 297
Singapore Singapore $1,204,794 (£863,000) 223
London United Kingdom $1,058,208 (£758,000) 201
Seoul South Korea $987,009 (£707,000) 189
New York NY, United States $945,128 (£677,000) 181
Beijing China $922,791 (£661,000) 181
Taipei Taiwan $859,968 (£616,000) 167
Shanghai China $850,196 (£609,000) 167
San Francisco CA, United States $837,632 (£600,000) 167
Geneva Switzerland $837,632 (£600,000) 167

Celebrity private island owners:

Who could be your neighbour?

What makes a private island even more exclusive? An A-list neighbour.

Kim Kardashian hired a private island for her 40th birthday party with her nearest and dearest - reportedly costing over $500,000 (£358,152) for 5 days of luxury. It’s thought that she rented out The Brando resort in Polynesia, sitting on the private, 193-acre island of Onetahi, 30 miles north of Tahiti.

High profilers don’t just rent islands for lavish parties, many famously own them, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tyler Perry, Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy and Shakira.

We analysed the locations of celebrity owned islands and to find island hot spots with famous neighbours nearby.

Mel Gibson bought the 5,400 acre Mago Island in Fiji for $15 million (£10.7 million). While visiting his huge private island, Gibson runs a cattle farm, and has reportedly met with the local government about potentially setting up other farming and fishing activities. In the same area, Nanukulevu island is for sale; snap that up and Mel might invite you over for a glass of champagne - or milk.

Leo’s island, Blackadore Caye, is 104 acres and set him back $1.75 million (£1.25 million). Since his purchase, he’s been busy transforming it into an eco luxury resort. The lavish spender who buys Benbowe Caye in Belize will be DiCaprio’s neighbour.

Buy Benbow Caye in Belize for $ 3,000,000 to be Leonardo’s neighbour

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bought Blackadore Caye island

  • Belize
  • $1.75 million
  • 104 acres

Buy Big Sampson Cay in The Bahamas for $14,500,000 to be Johnny’s neighbour

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Little Hall Pond Cay

  • The Bahamas
  • $3.6 million
  • 45 acres

Buy Hawks Nest Cay in The Bahamas for $1,500,000 to be Tyler’s neighbour

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Bought White Bay Cay

  • The Bahamas
  • About $7 million
  • 25 acres

Buy Nanukulevu Island in Fiji for $3,250,000 to be Mel’s neighbour

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Bought Mago Island

  • Fiji
  • $15 million
  • 5,400 acres

Buy La Patella in The Bahamas for $4,000,000 to be Eddie’s neighbour

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Bought Rooster Cay

  • The Bahamas
  • $15 million
  • 15 acres

Buy Bird Cay in The Bahamas for $26,000,000 to be Shakira’s neighbour



Bought Bonds Cay

  • The Bahamas
  • $16 million
  • 700 acres

Buy Bonefish Cay in The Bahamas for $8,200,000 to be Tim and Faith’s neighbours

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

Bought Goat Cay

  • The Bahamas
  • Unknown
  • 22 acres

how much:

Can you afford a private island?

Private islands range between $65,000 (£46,559) and $160,000,000 (£114,608,800). However, that’s just for the islands with a listing price; some don’t even include a price - it’s only available on request, due to their bespoke nature. Of the 537 islands that have a price tag, the value totaled over $2.9 billion (£2 billion).

Total listings price:



Average mean price:



Highest price tag

Rangyai Island, Thailand

  • 110 Acres
  • Asia

$160,000,000 (£114,608,800)

Lowest price tag

Half Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • 6 Acres
  • Canada

$65,000 (£46,559)

Highest price tag

Cerralvo Island, Mexico

  • 35,000 Acres
  • South America

$20,000,000 (£14,326,100) Cost per acre: $571 (£409)

The largest private island in the world:

Cerralvo Island, in Mexico

Cerralvo Island is 16 miles and 35,000 acres. This uninhabited island is located off the east coast of Baja in the Sea of Cortez. The natural landform allows for development of an exclusive eco resort offering watersports, fishing, diving, and beaches. The largest listed private island could be yours for $20,000,000 (£14,326,100).

Most Exclusive

Asia is the most exclusive place to own a private island

Already reserved for the rich and famous, private islands still have an elite tier. The most expensive and exclusive islands by area are in Asia, closely followed by the Caribbean islands.

It’s no surprise considering they boast the most stunning scenery, clear oceans and gorgeous tropical weather.

Asia has 22/27 islands costing over $1,000,000 (£716,305)

The Caribbean has 85/93 islands costing over $1,000,000 (£716,305)

  1. Asia $280,765 (£201,113) per acre
  2. Caribbean $122,040 (£87,417) per acre
  3. United States $114,978 (£82,359) per acre
  4. Europe $57,447 (£41,150) per acre
  5. South Pacific $23,305 (£16,693) per acre
  6. Canada $13,174 (£9,475) per acre
  7. Central America $5,622 (£4,043) per acre
  8. Africa $4,733 (£3,404) per acre
  9. South America $1,120 (£806) per acre

An island without any developments is a completely blank canvas so someone can build their dream from the ground up. On top of the island price tag, the buyer will need to consider how they’ll implement electricity, food, internet, sewage systems and much more - adding to the budget considerably. A developed island often comes with those necessary requirements but is it the development they always dreamed of?


The current island listings were collected from Private Islands Online and Vladi Private Islands - the two largest online marketplaces for private island sales.

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