Evoluted Earn Google Premier Partner Status

7 February, 2017

We're delighted to announce that Evoluted has achieved Google Premier Partner Badge status. Having worked on the management of PPC campaigns for local and national clients for more than 10 years, the recognition is just reward for the work our marketing team continue to do.

How Did We Qualify?

To qualify as a Premier Partner agency, you need to meet a rigorous series of requirements laid out by Google:

  • Exemplary Performance: Meeting Google's demanding performance requirements forms a key part of being elevated to Premier status. Superb growth and the generation of impressive revenue across any client accounts under management is key.
  • Longevity: As well as meeting performance requirements, Google also look at the length of time that accounts have been managed for. Maintaining and growing a large base of clients is important.
  • Advanced Adwords Knowledge: At least two employees working for the company in question need to have evidenced their knowledge of Adwords through Google's specialism exams.
  • Healthy Spend: The amount being invested throughout any accounts under an agency's management is also important. One of Google's measures for healthy account performance is total spend.

Evoluted Specialisations


To qualify, it was important for Evoluted to demonstrate expertise in both basic and advanced concepts related to Google Shopping. Google look for solid performance in terms of the creation and management of Shopping campaigns; as well as the optimisation of data feeds.


For the Mobile specialism, Evoluted needed to show increased product performance and expertise related to basic and advanced mobile advertising concepts. Ad formats, bidding, targeting, campaign measurement and campaign optimisation all came under consideration.


To qualify for the Search specialism, our team needed to demonstrate proficiency across client accounts related to search advertising. It was important for us to evidence best practices related to the creation, management and optimisation of Adwords search campaigns.

You can view Evoluted's Google Premier Partner Profile here


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