Hitting Peak Performance

8 June, 2017

From leafy surroundings in Derbyshire, Peak Indicators has become one of the world's most recognised providers of analytics and business intelligence solutions.

They are respected for their knowledge in areas including cloud hosting, workforce retention and data governance.

Working in partnership with leading names such as Birst and Oracle, they have designed, delivered - and continue to manage - some of the most complex analytics campaigns for large companies throughout Europe.

At Evoluted, we've been working with Peak Indicators now for several years, having built their previous website.

So when they got in touch about modernising their digital presence, it was natural that they felt comfortable using us.

What Was the Brief?

To ensure that Peak Indicators would feel the maximum benefit following the launch of their new website, it was vital for us to:

  • Modernise the Peak brand
  • Structure the site to make it sell the client's services as effectively as possible
  • Display information to be as easily digestible as possible
  • Focus on making the site really easy to navigate

In order to achieve these goals, it would be vital for the development, design and marketing teams to work in tandem. Ultimately, we wanted to deliver a site that provided awesome usability, striking aesthetics and most importantly, genuine results.

What Did We Do?

Homepage Blocks

So that the client could highlight important news and focus services, we implemented the design of a series of homepage 'blocks'. These appear in sequence and can be swapped out as required. The blocks are bold and clearly grab the attention of the user.

homepage blocks

Page Breakdown

We totally re-factored the structure of the site to gather more information on each page. This was important, as we felt in some cases users were being put off clicking 'deeper' into the site to uncover information. Pulling the information together removed this problem.

page breakdown

Striking Graphics

The colour green is synonymous with the Peak Indicators brand and we were keen to integrate this within the design of the site as much as possible. From bold call-to-action buttons, to various banners throughout the site, this goal has been achieved.


Video Demos

As a leading voice within the world of analytics, Peak Indicators' voice is respected throughout the industry. One way in which they communicate their ideas is through the use of video demos. It was important that these were integrated within the site in an accessible way.

video demos

What Were the Results?

Peak Indicators have been left delighted by the new website we've built for them. Launched back in January 2017, it is helping them to connect with customers more effectively through digital.

Following the launch of the new site, Clare Buttery, Business Relationship Manager at Peak Indicators, offered these kind words:

"Evoluted feel like an extension of your own team, always on hand to help and offer advice on what the best course of action should be. It's been a fun, friendly and organic journey to developing our company site - the improvements are amazing."

Since the launch of the site, we've also been helping Peak Indicators to grow through digital marketing. The end of May marked 6 months spent on marketing activities including email, social and SEO. We look forward to continuing the great relationship with their team moving forward.


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