Ridealong Series: Watch Our MD Take A Website From £0 To £1M In Sales

7 May, 2020

So how can I grow my business idea into a fully-fledged successful e-commerce website? 

Taking the reins on a new business can be daunting but undeniably rewarding as it builds. Founder of our digital agency - Evoluted - Ash Young is putting his years of experience to use and launching a brand-new e-commerce site; CarMats.co.uk

He’s striving to grow the car mats business to over £1 million in sales in just one year!

Why should we listen to him? Well, he’s done it before, that’s why. Previously, Ash has launched his own e-commerce site, scaled it to over £2 million per year in sales, and then successfully sold and exited the business. 

Now he’s going to do it again… but with us along for the ride. He’ll record every step of the way. 

That’s right, we can watch along to see what works and what doesn't. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

What’s the big plan?

  • Launch a new website and grow it to over £1 million in sales, in just 12 months. 
  • Generate a profit of over £100,000 each year.
  • An entirely drop ship business, as automated as it can be. This includes production, delivery and customer service. 
  • Document the journey. At every stage, we’ll be able to see the method, and what works and doesn’t work. 
  • Share unfiltered figures - both the costs and profit.

CarMats.co.uk soft launched on May 1st 2020 with just a couple of products. Ash has already made some vital improvements based on his first set of data.  

One of his first wins was reducing the size of the product pages on the site by 50%! Turns out, Shopify was loading the original product images on each page. 

Next, he moved onto optimising the conversion rate on product pages. 

There’s plenty more tips where they came from, so hop on board and follow his journey here.

Good luck Ash, we’re all rooting for you at Evoluted. We’ve got our fingers and toes crossed but we’ve got every faith you’ll succeed!

Written by Jo

Jo arrived at Evoluted towards the end of 2017, bringing several years’ digital experience with her. She cites the continuous innovation of new tools and how they can be utilised for targeting as being a key inspiration behind her interest in the industry.

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