Sending emails on SVN Commits in VisualSVN

11 November, 2011

In this guide, we show you how you can automatically send formatted emails when commits are made to a VisualSVN respository using PHP.

Creating a jQuery plugin

3 May, 2011

Mike's latest tutorial shows the basics of creating your very own jQuery accordion plugin from scratch. This has many advantages, mainly the simplicity of performing a single jQuery function call in the head of your html rather then having to copy over 100 lines of code that another developer wrote and you have to decipher.

Time Saving Database Functions

10 March, 2011

We've all been there, making an awesome form nicely laid out on the page and arranged pixel perfect to fit all the fields required; name, address, email, telephone etc. everything is going great until you come to the PHP. Mike creates and demonstrates a simple set of time saving short hand database functions.