Stewart Doxey

Stewart is a web developer at Evoluted. He spends his days mixing HTML and PHP, with a sprinkling of jQuery into standards compliant, user friendly web experiences. By night he enjoys all the things a lad in his twenties should be enjoying. Stewart is once again the office's Fifa 11 Champion.

30 MAR

In this tutorial learn how to create Facebook apps for the new Facebook Timeline. The new Facebook Timeline interface now allows us to create much richer, engaging applications (apps) due to an increase in page wide from 520 pixels to 810 pixels – a massive increase of nearly 55%.

10 MAY

Creating a customer widtget for making calls to Twitter’s Search API with JSON and then displaying the result with HTML, CSS and jQuery. Stewart shows how to create a simple widget displaying what the people of Twitter are saying about Sheffield.

11 APR

The second part of Stewart’s Simple jQuery Filtering Using jQuery article. This time Stewart uses the Quicksand jQuery plugin and a bit of HTML5 spice up the transitions.

23 FEB

A simple tutorial using HTML, CSS and jQuery outlining a quick and easy way to manipulate and filter data without the need for unnecessary database calls and page refreshes.