22 MAR

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the videos companies use to advertise on Instagram, you can use this simple method. You don’t need to use a complicated video-editing program, Photoshop is a powerful enough tool that can export animated gifs, as well as render video. For this example, I’ll show you how to create […]

16 JAN

I recently attended a taster workshop, ran by Alex McLean (@yaxu,, along with a rather diverse group of creative types, university lecturers, artists, sound engineers and novices. All of them were eager to get into the world of visual arts or to learn what’s possible with the Processing ( language. We discussed the pedagogy […]

15 SEP

Whilst organising our 10th Anniversary Party here at Evoluted, I needed to print out some personalised data for a prize draw, and found myself trying to figure out how to do this in InDesign. I knew I could save a lot of time by importing a spreadsheet rather than inputting all the data one by […]

Create a favicon

In this blog post I will be looking at what Favicons are and how you can design one for your website.

11 SEP

Art Brushes An Art Brush takes your selected artwork and stretches it along a path or shape. You can draw different length strokes and the artwork will be stretched to fit. Here I have drawn a simple shape and dragged it onto the Brushes Panel. I then selected Art Brush, and in the settings box, […]