15 MAY

Using repeating patterns is a great way to add design and texture to any of your work, but can be tricky to get right. The keys are to make sure everything lines up – and that it looks good. There are many ways to build repeating patterns. Here is a quick and easy way to […]


Saving Images effectively for the web can be a time-consuming task. Each image needs to be resized and colour modes need to be changed. File size and quality checking need to be taken care of too. Fortunately, with Photoshop, you can speed up this process by batch editing a series of photos. Follow these simple […]


In this blog post I will be showing you a great method of selecting hair in Photoshop CC. I will be using the ‘Select and Mask’ tool which is quick and easy to use, but also produces effective results.


Here’s a tutorial showing you how to create cool motion and depth from a static photo. Parallaxing can produce beautiful videos that work really well as landing page backgrounds, as well as in promo videos, Instagram posts and whatever else. This technique has been a popular trend in digital design over the last decade and […]


It can be very time consuming when editing photos – or working with a large amount of files, that all require the same process – to finish them off in post production. Luckily, there is a time-saving technique to make your workflow more efficient. You can create “actions” and use these to quickly make the […]