Work With Us

Shamsa Khan

SEO Specialist

Shamsa joined Evoluted in 2022 following more than seven years' experience in digital marketing. She discovered her passion for marketing following a work placement during her English degree at Sheffield Hallam University, and later linked up with several future Evoluted colleagues during stints at South Yorkshire marketing agencies.

Technical SEO and UX is Shamsa's favourite part of the role, from redesigning websites to be more user-friendly to fixing broken links and URL issues.

What does Shamsa think about working at Evoluted?

"It's exciting to work in a team filled with professionals who are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do!"

Outside of work, you'll find Shamsa...

Watching a horror film - Shamsa religiously rewatches The Thing (the 1982 version, she's keen to stress) every year. She's also our go-to person for weird animal facts!