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Boost your website's health with powerful technical SEO support. Streamline your website’s technical compliance and remove limitations on organic visibility. 

Improving your technical structure, we rid your website of errors, helping your website shine in the SERPs and climb the rankings. 

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Boost your performance and improve your rankings with our technical SEO services

Technical SEO supports your organic search performance from within your website structure and content.

From website migrations to improving site speed or resolving architectural problems, our dedicated team of SEO experts are well versed in supporting business growth. By optimising your website’s structure and resolving technical issues, our team will help your website compete and outshine your competitors.

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Our Approach

Technical SEO is one of the most integral aspects to SEO strategy. Successful SEO campaigns begin with auditing your website and technical compliance to identify areas for improvement. When a website is not technically compliant, it will be limiting its organic visibility as it's ignoring opportunities to help search engines crawl, understand and index your website. Evoluted is an award-winning technical SEO agency that can evaluate the health of your website, and then action changes to make significant improvement.

  • Conduct a technical audit of your existing website to understand how your website’s technical heath can be improved to support search engines in finding, understanding, and indexing your web pages.

  • We will optimise your website to address technical inadequacies: from heading structure and 404 status pages, to orphan pages and redirecting, to your website’s technical structure - we will help you compete with competitors online.

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We work with

Newly created landscaping brand achieves 19k+ organic visits within first year

From the design stage, our SEO and Content teams were involved with the project to ensure the new site would have optimal pages and targeting to fully align with how their target audience searches.

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Talasey Case Study

Strategic internal linking and targeted content approach brings 31% more #1 rankings

A rise in demand fuelled by pandemic lockdowns led to an unprecedented level of success for this outdoor footwear brand in 2021, making 2022 the year to double down on SEO to keep the momentum going.

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64% increase to organic revenue and over 6,000 new users through newly created articles

An outdoor gear brand looking to challenge market leading websites was armed with a solid line of quality products but lacked organic visibility - that’s where our joint SEO and Content Marketing services came in.

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Sea To Summit Case Study

413% increase in organic sessions from a supercharged SEO, content and UX strategy

Through conducting an in-depth investigation into the website's SEO functionality, authority and content offering, our SEO team were able to generate new enquiries through organic search results.

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Origym Digital PR Case Study

74+ links for trusted life insurance company

I’m Insured is an independent and boutique insurance brokerage that offers comparison tools for specific and hard-to-insure customer demographics.

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I'm Insured Case Study

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