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The Briefless Brief #2 - April 2024

by Jo Rammell
3 min read

The Briefless Brief #2: Unleash your creative genius!

We were absolutely blown away with the support and the love for our first Briefless Brief. So it's time for another...

Your next chance to show off those innovative, 'out there', crazy creative ideas that would never normally make it out of the ideation session. The ones that would be amazing if you could do them but they're probably not possible due to budgets, a tight brief limiting you, or the legal team would never sign it off!

The briefs are simple and designed so you can do them within 30 mins - 1 hour max.

The Briefless Brief #2

Brand: Yorkshire Tea

Target audience: Die hard coffee drinkers

That's it. Now show us your untamed talents with no boundaries.

How to enter The Briefless Brief

To enter, simply submit your PR idea in 300 words or less, along with an accompanying image (even if this is a quick mock up on Canva, scribbled on paper or AI / Dall-e generated) within 72 hours of the brief being posted. 

You can tweet your submission by tagging @Evoluted and using the hashtag #thebrieflessbrief, or you can share it on LinkedIn and tag Evoluted in.

If you would prefer, we'll also accept entries via DM.

Once the 72 hours is up, our team at Evoluted will review all entries and select a winner based on creativity and originality. 

This is the best bit: there are no rules, no restrictions, and no limits to how wild and crazy you can get with your ideas!

What’s in it for you?

We’ll share the winner across socials and we’ll also share our other favourites, giving lots of your amazing ideas and creative brilliance the platform they deserve!

The winner will receive a £50 voucher of their choice for their innovative thinking too.

An example ‘Briefless Brief’

Brand: Durex

Target audience: Over 70s

Example entry:

Pleasure knows no age. Here we unveil our new product - deliciously nostalgic Werther's Originals-flavoured lube, designed to captivate a new, unexpected audience - the over 70s. 

Durex has crafted a unique lube formula that enhances intimacy with old-school charm to create an unforgettable experience for couples.

Our PR campaign aims to break stereotypes and redefine the narrative around pleasure. Love and desire are ageless, and so is the pleasure that Durex brings. The campaign features vibrant visuals, capturing intimate moments of couples from older age groups, proving that passion is timeless.

Experience the sweet nostalgia of Werther's Originals in a whole new way with Durex's groundbreaking lube. Because when it comes to pleasure, age is just a number, and the flavour of desire is forever timeless.

Good luck!

Written by Jo Rammell
Senior Digital PR Specialist

Jo arrived at Evoluted towards the end of 2017, bringing several years’ digital experience with her. She cites the continuous innovation of new tools and how they can be utilised for targeting as being a key inspiration behind her interest in the industry.