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Sheffield DM #20: November 2021

We signed off for 2021 with our third birthday event, starring Stephen Kenwright, Rosa Mitchell and Jen Penaluna.

Showroom Workstation
15 Paternoster Row
Thu, 25th Nov 2021
17:00 - 20:00

Another trio of expert talks

We celebrated turning three with two stellar Digital PR talks, plus a hugely useful guide to evaluating potential marketing employers from our own Jen Penaluna.

Meet the Speakers

  • Jen Penaluna

    Senior SEO Strategist, Evoluted

    Talk: “Red Light, Green Light: Interviewing a Potential Employer”

    Interviews definitely work both ways and it’s important to get off on the right foot with an employer that matches your values. Jen will help you to put potential employers through a Squid Game-style game of ‘Red Light, Green Light’ to see which interviewers fall and which make the final cut for your new role.

  • Rosa Mitchell

    Head of Digital PR, Connective3

    Talk: “Creating Digital PR strategies to navigate the ever-changing news agenda”

    You’ve planned a campaign, done all of the creatives, built your media lists for outreach and you’re ready for launch – but what do you do when the news agenda suddenly changes? From global pandemics, to high profile deaths and natural disasters, the media is subject to constant change based on current affairs. If you can’t pivot at the last minute then you could find ourselves out of pocket, with no results to show for it, so what can you do to prevent this? We’ve spent the last year focussing our efforts on creating campaigns that are built to last, and can move with the changing news agenda so that you’re not left with shelved campaigns, trying to salvage lost spend at the last minute.

  • Stephen Kenwright

    CCO/Cofounder, Rise at Seven

    Talk: “What is Digital PR?”

    What is it, where has it come from and where is it going next? This talk is for anyone who ever wondered why we’re obsessed with links and dreams of doing bigger things for bigger businesses.