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Amy Appleton

Marketing Assistant

A recent marketing graduate, Amy has joined the Evoluted team to gain hands-on experience in the fast growing marketing industry.

In her role as Marketing Assistant, Amy will contribute to creating engaging marketing content for social media platforms, research current trends to ensure alignment with our social media strategy, and collaborate with the team to support the organisation and event planning of SheffieldDM.

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What does Amy think about working at Evoluted?

Being part of such a talented and imaginative team is incredible. I am excited about the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge further in marketing, learning directly from the experts at Evoluted.

Outside of work, you'll find Amy...

Amy loves binge-watching Friends for its timeless humour, exploring the outdoors for new adventures, and trying new foods to satisfy her foodie cravings. She also enjoys travelling, soaking up the sunshine on a beach.