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The winner of The Briefless Brief #3 is…

by Jo Rammell
9 min read

And once again the Evoluted team has been blown away by the stunning entries for our third Briefless Brief! So, along with crowning our winner, we're also shining the spotlight on our other top picks!

The winner is…

Megan Cushnahan - PR Manager, Student Beans

The idea: The Grandmother Edit

SKIMS’ latest release, The Grandmother Edit, now offers its mature customers instant access to Kim K’s iconic curves and the latest in baby-carrying technology.

The new line’s built-in hip pads work flawlessly to create a show-stopping silhouette, whilst the new tech shines in providing seamless weight distribution for baby-carrying grandparents, helping to eliminate back strain and related injuries.


Why did the Evoluted PR team choose this winner?

It’s funny, it’s boujee, and most importantly, it’s perfectly on brand. Megan’s Skims idea for the over-70s hits the mark. We believe it would go viral if Skims ever chooses to launch it (we’re watching you, Kim...). The concept ties in the Kardashians' iconic hourglass curves, while the visuals align flawlessly with the Skims brand. The product also provides a practical solution, and the copy cleverly references some of Kim’s most infamous escapades.

What were the other standout entries?

Although we loved Megan’s, there were some other brilliant, empowering and clever concepts that we were obsessed with:

Armarni L - Digital PR Manager, Wolfenden

The idea: No S-expiration Date

Why would women over 70 want to wear Skims? The same reason any woman wants to wear Skims... to feel SEXY.

A recent study of sexually active 75 - 85-year-olds showed that over half have sex two to three times a month. So why aren't brands catering to our elderly population's desire to be sexy?

Skims wants to show that there's no expiration date on sexiness.

This campaign will include a range of marketing tactics:

Social media:

Digital PR/earned media:

OOH & visual assets

Kirsty Elise-Noonan - Senior Freelance Digital PR

The idea: Timeless by SKIMS 

“Timeless by SKIMS” is a shapewear collection designed by MJ, Kim Kardashian’s grandmother, launched to mark her 90th birthday this year and celebrate individuals over 70.

The collection draws on Kim Kardashian’s love for iconic fashion memorabilia and vintage fashion advertising, aligning with SKIMS’ commitment to providing “solutions for every body.”

The collection, designed by MJ, adapts SKIMS’ most popular designs to include things such as easy fastenings and softer fabrics, catering to those over 70 with limited mobility or conditions like arthritis.

Over 70s icons such as Cher, Sofia Loren, Diana Ross, and Barbra Streisand model the line beneath recreations of their most iconic outfits. Inspired by vintage fashion catalogues, the campaign’s imagery stirs nostalgia in over 70s while showing that you don’t have to be young to feel confident and fashionable.

Supporting the collection is a survey aimed at understanding how the fashion industry often overlooks those over 70, impacting their confidence and style choices. An engaging and empowering marketing strategy is built off the back of this research, ensuring that over 70s feel recognised and valued by SKIMS.

The campaign also includes interviews between Kim and each star, where they both reflect on their past inadequate shapewear experiences and discuss how SKIMS has revolutionised the shapewear industry, appealing to those who have had similarly disappointing experiences and convincing them to give SKIMS a try.

Reaching the target audience through Facebook ads—the primary social media platform for the over 70s—and shopping centre pop-ups, the campaign offers personal styling and glam sessions where customers can try on SKIMS shapewear. These pop-ups aim to celebrate ageing, empowering over 70s to feel confident in their bodies, and reinforcing the idea that fashion is timeless and inclusive. This is further echoed by MJ’s active involvement, demonstrating that style knows no age.

Louise Fraser - Digital PR Account Manager, Wolfenden

The idea: Skim’s Bras for the 70+

A collaboration with a geriatric physician to give tips on ways to stay healthy in your 70s. These will have a large focus on the promotion of looking after your mental health, as this has a strong tie to physical health conditions, through the likes of promoting healthy eating, and movement, all of which contribute to a healthier outlook. The point to be made through genuine expert analysis: dressing in comfortable and good-looking underwear will make you feel better about yourself, which will boost mood, and consequently, aid you in living a healthier lifestyle. This will be supplemented by tips from an internal expert from Skims—tips on how to know a bra really fits, and the best bra types for different body shapes.

Louise Ali - Head of Digital PR, Honcho

The idea: Age is just a number… and so is your bra size

Dan Rawley - SEO & PPC Lead, Uni Homes

The idea: Breaking the Internet with Activewear

line-dancing activewear for the over-70s, marketed through Out-of-Home campaigns outside bingo halls, charity shops, doctors' surgeries and those council meetings where people just go to have a moan.

But once you've got the attention of this target demographic, how do you get them to buy online? They're not going to remember a campaign URL. Maybe SKIMS could temporarily feature the over-70s range on their 404 page - let's face it, this demographic is going to end up there anyway.

And we couldn’t miss out on the fun ourselves…

We know we can’t win, but we had to join in the fun. Here’s Evoluted’s entries:

PR Team idea: The Leak Proof Edit

Introducing The Leak Proof Edit, designed specifically for the vibrant and active over 70s community. This innovative leak-proof underwear is perfect for any activity, whether you’re dominating the pickleball court or simply running errands.

Crafted to provide discreet protection and a flattering fit, our underwear allows you to enjoy your activities with complete peace of mind. And whether you're out for a walk, on the Pickleball court, attending social events, laughing with friends, or playing with the grandkids, The Leak Proof Edit ensures you feel secure and stylish every step of the way.

Stay active, stay confident, and embrace every moment with Skims' latest collection, made just for you.

Eleanore Hayes - Paid Search Specialist, Evoluted 

The idea: The Golden Edit 

Designed specifically for those in their golden age, this edit helps empower those in and around their 70s. The intention for this collection is to push the brand ethos of being created for ‘every body’ and ‘solutions-oriented’, by helping to give a natural lift to bundas and tatas of all ages - without the need for surgery or extensive padding.

Age is most definitely a blessing, but losing skin elasticity can leave some feeling insecure and uncomfortable in their own body; that’s where SKIMS x Golden comes in.

The Golden edit enlists a more structured fabric to add greater support around the chest and bum areas. Not to mention, it builds upon the iconic SKIMS shape by adding a lil' extra fabric here and there to support you where you need it most. With SKIMS x Golden to help pull everything in and up, there's no need to let your self-esteem (or tatas) hang low anymore.

Every item comes in two fits:

If that's not enough, the edit comes in an extensive array of unique sizes. Small on the waist but graced with juicy doubles? SKIMS have got you covered! Just use the handy online chart to find which size would suit you based on your waist, hip and bust sizes.

Jenn Parker - Senior Content Executive, Evoluted

The idea: SKIMS Vitali-T

A breathable collection of discrete undergarments for the over 70s.

With deep compression built-in and sleek, removable pads for heat and massage these subtly shaping lightweight garments hug your body tight for enhanced circulation and muscle care every day. Constructed using lightweight fabrics these are ideal for use under clothing every day to help boost healthy circulation and muscle stimulation while feeling comfortable and stylish.

Available in a variety of colours and styles these garments cater for all body types empowering your body to feel as young as your soul does.

Chris Ridley, Paid Media Manager, Evoluted

The idea: The Devil Wears SKIMS - Ageless Elegance Edit

"There are dozens of iconic, powerful and inspiring female role models in the 70s age group, and for me, few are as iconic as Meryl Streep.

That's why, for my entry, I have imagined a collab between the icon and the brand to remind women that there is an ageless elegance within every woman."

Huge thank you!

Thank you again to everyone who supported and shared the third instalment of the Briefless Brief, and to all who participated. You amazed us once again with your boundless creativity. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates on the release date of the next brief.

Written by Jo Rammell
Senior Digital PR Specialist