Web Development

22 JUN

Do you like books? Yes, I love books. Do you like UX and usability design? Yes! Do you want to discuss books on the subject with other members of the design community? Sure, why not? UX Mastery Community The UX Mastery community has started an online book club and I’ve decided to give it a […]

12 MAY

Did you know you that could still secure £12,499.50 (excluding VAT) worth of funding towards a digital project for your business? The SuperFast South Yorkshire (SFSY) Innovation Vouchers Scheme – which was created to encourage SMEs to innovate and improve business performance – has now been in operation for over 3 months. Launched on 6th […]

https site message

As forewarned by Google last year, Chrome now marks websites without HTTPS encryption as non-secure.

16 JAN

I recently attended a taster workshop, ran by Alex McLean (@yaxu, http://slab.org), along with a rather diverse group of creative types, university lecturers, artists, sound engineers and novices. All of them were eager to get into the world of visual arts or to learn what’s possible with the Processing (Processing.org) language. We discussed the pedagogy […]

agile on the beach evoluted

It’s been 20 years since I was last in Falmouth. I grew up in Cornwall and we used to spend our summer holidays in the city. As kids, my brothers and I would snorkel at Swanpool beach, play ball games in Kimberley Park and watch reenactors at Pendennis Castle. My dad even took us to […]