Providing vital infrastructure for companies throughout the UK, Coolspirit specialise in data protection, preservation and performance. Based out of Chesterfield, the company designed their services primarily to help organisations to run safely and efficiently.

Thanks to exemplary delivery, Coolspirit’s reputation has grown impressively over the past few years. Given the superb relationship between the client and ourselves, we were delighted to help them meet increasing demand through a new website. This was needed to help Coolspirit cater for the increasing amount of businesses interested in their services.

The results at a glance

76% Increase in average session duration
40% Reduction in bounce rate
96% Increase in pages per session

Project Details

Launched in 2015, the latest Coolspirit website is both polished and contemporary in its design. Implementing bold, scrolling layouts throughout, it was designed by our team to be extremely accessible to users. Clearly displaying key information on all the company’s services, it is informative without being too crowded.

A key feature of the new site was the inclusion of a news section designed to boost retention. This tied into an overall desire to improve user engagement from the old site – an approach which immediately proved its worth. In the first month following launch, bounce rate decreased by 40% and the average session duration increased by 75%.

  • Inclusion of bespoke Content Management System to help client easily make updates
  • Focus on improving user engagement and lowering the bounce rate
  • Bold, scrolling design implemented to boost accessibility
  • Easily-editable landing pages included to help the client make quick changes
  • Carefully-designed news and events section