Envisage Dental

Envisage Dental is a media management solution for dental practices. It enables end-user control of an interface that dictates what gets displayed to patients in waiting rooms. With any waiting room being so vital to the impression a practice gives to a patient, Envisage is a powerful tool for connection.

The system was conceived for Numed Healthcare, a large supplier of training and equipment in the healthcare industry. At Evoluted, we’ve been working with Numed as their digital provider for many years. Given the great results we’ve brought to them, they were keen to employ our services for the Envisage project.

Project Details

The media management system we developed for Envisage Dental enables practices using the platform to tailor the content displayed on the screens at their specific location. This is made possible by the accessible interface we developed for the client.

Built around the idea of simplicity and speed - without compromise on accessibility - the media system is refreshingly easy to use. Enabling practices to display anything from opening hours, to information videos and important notices, it provides full control to those using it.

The interface control bar enables users to drag and drop items into playlists, which are then stored as templates. These templates can then be adjusted and re-used as required.

  • Media management system for dental practices
  • Reusable template system with branding
  • Control at practice side enables each user to tailor content displayed
  • User-friendly interface that saves time and minimises input
  • Perfect for making a great first impression on patients