Gnome Student Homes

Gnome Student Homes burst onto the Sheffield student accommodation scene in summer 2018. Somewhat unusually for the local marketplace, they own each of their 70+ properties. These are placed in some of the city’s most desirable locations, including Ecclesall Road and the centre of Sheffield.

When Gnome initially approached us to build their website, the company was at a relatively early stage - with only the logo ready. This meant we were able to work really closely with the client from the off, to deliver the exact finished product they needed. They now have a polished, conversion-focused new website that appeals directly to their target market.

Project Details

There were two linked objectives that stood out above everything else for the Gnome website. Most importantly, we needed to ensure it drove users to make enquiries. This needed to be made achievable by satisfying the additional aim of appealing directly to the student market.

To ensure we delivered the required results, we focused on creating a site that did the simple things very well. The final build is refreshingly stripped back so that the user is able to navigate quickly through the site, being met with only the information they need.

Whilst text forms a key part of ensuring ongoing search engine visibility, the images are the star of the show in terms of design; with high-quality photography given prominence to showcase the quality of the flats and houses. Call-to-action buttons were also given prevalence to ensure that once the student finds the property they need, they know exactly how to get in touch.

  • ‘Favourites’ section enables students to save properties in a similar way to with a basket page
  • High-quality imagery given prevalence to showcase properties
  • Accessible navigation with prominent call-to-action buttons throughout site
  • Easily navigable design that appeals directly to the student market
  • Responsive design core to the build, given that’s where a lot of users make enquiries