Through fully-supportive teaching resources, imoves helps schools and academies to use activity as a means to improve physical health and mental well-being. They do this through an integrated platform, which allows teachers to access their targeted resources easily via any device. After recognising a need to improve this platform, they approached us for help.

Through careful planning and collaboration, we strategised a solution for imoves that provided a perfect fit for their company’s digital ambitions. For them, we developed improved functionality across several areas of their platform, whilst we also built a custom CMS (Content Management System) to enable them to edit content on their sales website. This work came coupled with modernisation of their company branding.

Project Details

Right from the initial discussions we had with the client, it was clear they were seeking change. It was our job to guide them towards the solution they wanted; to enable them to excel digitally. Core to this work was their activity platform, which we felt could be improved to make it easier for teachers to interact with. The changes we implemented were heavily influenced by user testing. By analysing exactly what imoves target market desired from the platform, we were able to make targeted improvements.

As well as pure functionality, the platform was also in need of modernisation. Our design team felt that through the use of ‘softer’ visuals, rather than the harsh pinks previously being used, the platform could be made more appealing and user-friendly. We also advised simplifying the brand name from imovesdance to imoves, which tied in with a new logo design for the relaunch.

Alongside all of the branding and platform work, our development team also collaborated with the client to create an engaging new sales website to market imoves’ services. This work included the development of a new CMS, which is proving invaluable. Previously, all the content was hardcoded, which was preventing the imoves team from making amends.

  • Updated branding including ‘softer’ visuals and company name change
  • Custom CMS to allow for simple and fast editing of content
  • Improved platform functionality
  • Platform reskinned in line with branding changes
  • Functionality for users to book a free trial through the sales website