Luxury Islands

Successful digital PR campaigns need to have an interesting asset, whether it’s data, creative or interactive, and a strong hook. It’s a crowded market out there, so your piece needs to stand out so much that journalists simply can’t resist covering it.

At Evoluted, results-driven content and digital PR strategies, and recently developed an exciting data-led campaign with a beautiful creative to highlight just that... and land us top-tier links to boost our search rankings.

Luxury Islands - the slice of paradise you can own for less than a property’ showcases the sheer talent that Evoluted’s team has across digital PR, content, data, front end development and design.

The results at a glance

National Coverage We secured links across The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star and more.
Data Study We sourced and analysed data to create a compelling report.
Creative Output Our designers and developers worked together to create a fantastic landing page.

Project Details

Data is at the heart of Evoluted and informs all of our digital marketing decisions. The challenge was simple - showcase the incredible ways Evoluted can use data and utilise these skills to secure top-tier backlinks. 

Evoluted’s data team analysed 805 listings for tranquil private islands across two of the main online marketplaces. The Digital PR and Content team used this data to create a newsworthy report, developing angles for the press and answering fascinating questions such as: 

  • How many islands are cheaper than city centre flats across the UK and worldwide?
  • Where is the most exclusive place to own a private island?
  • Which islands should you buy to secure an A-list celeb neighbour? 

A link-worthy asset is such a key part of digital PR, so the design team and front end developers created a beautiful landing page, ensuring the content was digestible for journalists and readers, and was very visually appealing

Together the teams created something unique, headline worthy and a piece that a journalist couldn’t cover without Evoluted’s study. With the aim of securing coverage, mentions and back links, our digital PRs wrote a press release and conducted outreach to major UK news and lifestyle sites. 

We are currently still outreaching this piece, but it has already secured coverage and links on Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Star and more niche travel sites.

This campaign combined:

  • Data sourcing and analysing
  • Content creation and storytelling
  • Design and development
  • PR assets and outreach strategy