MummyFIT (Paid Ads)

MummyFIT offers a variety of pre and post-natal classes to mums throughout the UK. Specialising in fitness and nutrition, paid Facebook advertising is one of their strategies to drive marketing success. Campaign locality and careful demographic targeting both play a key part in their strategy on the platform.

At Evoluted, we’ve worked closely with MummyFIT to improve the efficiency of their paid Facebook campaigns; which are designed to generate leads for their fitness sessions. Since beginning work for them, we’ve transformed their paid Facebook strategy; increasing qualified leads and drastically improving engagement with their ads.

The results at a glance

336% Increase in CTR
58% Increase in conversion rate (lead to sign-up)
5.56 ROAS

Project Details

Since taking over MummyFIT’s paid social media strategy on Facebook, we’ve focused heavily on improving the relevancy of their advert targeting in order to drive more qualified potential customers to their website. We’ve also worked closely to ensure their budget is being spent as efficiently as possible. 

The combination of these strategies, alongside additional optimisations, has enabled us to fulfil our aim of generating more sign-ups - and in turn, an increase in revenue. 

We regularly evaluate and adapt our strategies for the client, with a constant focus on testing and improvement. A/B testing, landing page development, budget optimisation, location targeting and refreshing ads regularly are just some of the many tactics we use.

  • Moving from boosted posts to the Ad Manager, to improve targeting and optimisation
  • Moving to optimise for leads rather than ad engagement
  • A/B tests to identify optimum ad creatives, devices and placements
  • Layering interests towards highly-targeted demographics
  • Improving landing pages to make the sign-up process as simple as possible

“At MummyFIT we have historically created our own Facebook ads through boosting posts. This worked fairly effectively for a while until Facebook changed the algorithms which meant that our monthly spend had to rapidly increase to get the same amount of leads as before. Since Evoluted took on managing Facebook ads for us, together we have fine tuned our audiences, optimised spend and improved the quality of the leads we are receiving. In addition to this, as a business owner, I no longer have to obsess over the ads and spend hours checking that they are working each week. I can now spend more time focusing on running my business knowing that my Facebook advertising is in great hands.”

Jenny Drage | Director & Founder