Pryor Marking

Two-time winners at the 2014 Sheffield Business Awards, Pryor Marking have a sterling reputation that reaches far beyond their home in the steel city. For more than 160 years, they have been servicing the needs of large manufacturing companies throughout the world.

To help them build on their internationally-renowned brand, the Pryor Marking team approached Evoluted with a desire for a new website. They wanted this to reflect their impressive growth and help communicate their offering to modern-day digital users. The multi-lingual site we subsequently delivered employed several innovative features to ensure success.

The results at a glance

38% Increase in website sessions
73% Increase in search engine traffic
17% Decrease in page load time

What the client thought

Project Details

Due to the international reach of Pryor Marking, it was imperative for us to deliver a multi-lingual site to the client. This needed to be designed with a focus on showcasing the fantastic products Pryor Marking offer. To help encourage orders, we then integrated a complex, simple-to-use filtering system to ensure customers would order a very exact version of the products they seek.

Within the build, we also included a bespoke Content Management System (CMS), which ensures that all the options for each product can be controlled and translated appropriately. This approach represented significant improvement upon the client’s previous site, which required multiple Content Management Systems for each different language. E-commerce functionality was also built into the site, which the client planned to use further down the line.

  • Multi-lingual site with single CMS for simple product management
  • Simple step-by-step product ordering process to refine down specifications
  • E-commerce functionality built in for future use
  • Responsive and crisp design
  • Ongoing SEO and PPC marketing

“Evoluted have been very good at talking through and explaining how the site works. They have also been very flexible and obliging to evolving requests and considerations regarding how the site should work from an end-user point of view. Our website was a challenging task and Evoluted rose to the challenge - we now have a new online face to the company that looks smarter and more modern than before. More importantly, Pryor's new website is much easier for a new visitor to navigate and understand.”

Juliet Fidorra | Pryor Marking