SEO Audits

Struggling to achieve results with organic search and not sure what’s wrong? By conducting a rigorous SEO audit of your website, we will provide you with an honest assessment of why your site isn’t performing as well as it could; covering technical, on-site and off-site factors.

Focusing on the metrics, audiences and strategies core to your business, we will then explain what you need to fix to improve search rankings, increase high-value website visitors and drive conversions.

Whilst there is no ongoing obligation as a result of the audit, our skilled team are then ready to action the monthly strategy required for lasting success, should you decide to make the investment

Our Expertise

Adapting our analysis to cater to your industry and competition, we can assess your website’s performance across a series of factors that determine success in organic search.

Technical Audits

An in-depth review of your site’s coding and server setup aids in discovery and resolution of issues which may prevent search engines from accessing or interpreting your site correctly. If issues like key pages being blocked or poorly implemented redirects exist; your site will be set up to fail regardless.

Content Audits

Within your search strategy, great content is undoubtedly a key to success. We can thoroughly review the standard of your website’s content across both information, sales and blog pages, providing recommendations to improve pages suffering from duplication, thin copy, poor optimisation or targeting issues.

Backlink Audits

A healthy backlink profile with links from authoritative websites remains integral to the chances of your site excelling in search. Our audit process quickly identifies which domains are passing value to yours - and highlights links that could be hampering your efforts with guidance on removing them.

Competitor Analysis

As part of any SEO audit, we’ll thoroughly audit your biggest competitors in SEO, providing you with the primary reasons as to why they may be enjoying more prominent positions in search results. Most importantly, we’ll then explain what you need to do to take them on. 

Site Speed Analysis

The speed at which your site loads is important for both users and search engines. Our performance audits identify issues which are slowing your site down such as image sizing, uncompressed files or caching problems, providing detailed recommendations on how to get your site running at full throttle.

Historical Issues

If you’ve invested in SEO in the past and been burned, you may still be suffering residual damage that you’re unaware of. We can review work previously conducted and identify issues such as manual action penalties, keyword cannibalisation and links that need disavowing.

Award Winners

Prolific North Awards 2018: Digital Agency of the Year

Honest assessment, actionable advice and a willingness to go the extra mile are central to a great SEO auditing process - and great digital marketing delivery. Our win at the 2018 Prolific North Awards for ‘Digital Agency of the Year’ helped evidence how we implement those wider values right across the company.

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  • Prolific North Awards 2018 Winner
  • Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Patron
  • The Drum Recommended
  • Recommended Agency Register Digital Awards
  • Sheffield Business Awards
  • Google Partner

Our Approach

Great SEO campaigns begin with a great audit. Through deep analysis and detailed investigation, we create actionable, prioritised plans for improvement. This will ultimately enable you to provide search engines with the best possible information to understand your site, what you do, and where it should be ranked.

Industry Leading image

Industry Leading

We pride ourselves on both the depth and breadth of our SEO audits, investigating all of the areas impacting the SEO potential of your website in granular detail. Following our own in-house auditing process, you can be confident in the quality of the recommendations we provide and that the strategy suggested has been crafted uniquely for your business.

Detailed Reporting image

Detailed Reporting

Each component of your SEO audit will be reported in extensive detail, explaining the issues identified, how they can affect your SEO, site health or user experience; and how we recommend remedying the problem. Depending on your requirements, our findings can be delivered in a format suitable for your web developers, company executives, or in-house SEO team.

Obligation Free image

Obligation Free

With any SEO audit our ultimate goal is to provide you with a detailed overview of what’s needed to improve your site’s search potential. Delivering a detailed breakdown of each area of our audit, our reports are designed for your in-house team to digest and begin implementing, or our skilled SEO team can provide the ongoing monthly work required to succeed with our suggested strategy.

Client reviews

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 Average Rating based on 17 Google Reviews
5 out of 5 stars

We lost our site and emails with an existing provider, I called Evoluted for help and they reacted quickly and resolved the problem within 24-hours. They even contacted me out of hours trying to help. Couldn't ask for a better response. Don't normally leave reviews but this is worth one. Thanks.

Paul Taylor (Integral)
5 out of 5 stars

I'm absolutely delighted with the work they've produced. From helping me with marketing to building my new website I have been extremely happy with the results. I had gone to meet many companies prior to meeting them, but I knew pretty much straight away that I wanted to do business with Evoluted. This was back in August 2013 and they have done lots...

LEP Fitness
5 out of 5 stars

Evoluted are great to work with - professional, friendly, responsive and communicative. Very pleased with the end result.

Nick Wales (CPP)

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