How to compete with Rightmove online

30 June, 2015

It might seem like Rightmove are untouchable online in the property and rentals space, but here are some handy tips to help your website compete in this highly competitive market.

inuit.css v5.0 the Object Oriented CSS Framework

10 June, 2014

Twitter's Bootstrap has understandably become a very popular CSS framework, but if you're needing more creative freedom there's inuit.css. According to inuit.css' README file it's "a powerful little framework designed for serious developers."

Google launches 'Web Designer'

4 October, 2013

Google have just released the BETA version of Google Web Designer. This is a visual tool for building HTML5 animated content. You can download this right now for both Windows and Mac.

Custom Google Maps Style Tool

17 January, 2013

A Google Maps style tool can be a really useful addition to your website. This tool will allow you to change colour and styling code of these maps, offering additional branding and personalisation options.

Tutorial: HTML5 and Flash Video Streaming with CloudFront

17 December, 2012

This tutorial aims to help you create a signed CloudFront URL for both RTMP and progressive streaming. We use both technologies so that users with Flash player installed can use RTMP streaming whilst HTML5 players can use the pseudo-streaming.

Tutorial: Creating a Facebook timeline app

30 March, 2012

In this tutorial learn how to create Facebook apps for the new Facebook Timeline. The new Facebook Timeline interface now allows us to create much richer, engaging applications (apps) due to an increase in page wide from 520 pixels to 810 pixels – a massive increase of nearly 55%.

Sending emails on SVN Commits in VisualSVN

11 November, 2011

In this guide, we show you how you can automatically send formatted emails when commits are made to a VisualSVN respository using PHP.

Wireframes are not enough

14 June, 2011

As at most web agencies here at Evoluted wireframing is an integral part of our design process. Every project first goes through a wireframing process to ensure that we build a robust, easy to use website that includes all the features and elements required. The final wireframes are used as a starting point by our designers and throughout the project life these are referenced by designers and developers alike.

Google Maps API v3 Embedded with Custom Location Pin

23 May, 2011

Google Maps API offers a wide variety of applications that enable you to embed the functionality and customisation of Google Maps into an external website at no cost. This tutorial aims to guide you through the process of embedding a basic map, located at a specific point with a custom pin, which can be particularly useful for 'contact' pages.

Creating Your Own Twitter Trends Widget

10 May, 2011

Creating a customer widtget for making calls to Twitter's Search API with JSON and then displaying the result with HTML, CSS and jQuery. Stewart shows how to create a simple widget displaying what the people of Twitter are saying about Sheffield.

Creating a jQuery plugin

3 May, 2011

Mike's latest tutorial shows the basics of creating your very own jQuery accordion plugin from scratch. This has many advantages, mainly the simplicity of performing a single jQuery function call in the head of your html rather then having to copy over 100 lines of code that another developer wrote and you have to decipher.

Browser Wars! The Browser Market Shares moving into 2011

14 April, 2011

A fierce war has ensued over the last year between competing web browsers, each trying to dominate one another, in struggles to attain a bigger piece of the pie within the browser share market. Darryl takes and in depth look into the market share shift in browser market.

Simple jQuery Filtering using Quicksand

11 April, 2011

The second part of Stewart's Simple jQuery Filtering Using jQuery article. This time Stewart uses the Quicksand jQuery plugin and a bit of HTML5 spice up the transitions.

Time Saving Database Functions

10 March, 2011

We've all been there, making an awesome form nicely laid out on the page and arranged pixel perfect to fit all the fields required; name, address, email, telephone etc. everything is going great until you come to the PHP. Mike creates and demonstrates a simple set of time saving short hand database functions.

An Introduction to Wireframing

3 March, 2011

Whether you're just getting started in web design or you're a seasoned pro, the concept of wireframing must either be something you're familiar with or been hearing a lot about recently. Nik takes a brief look at what wireframing is and how you and your clients can benefit from encorporating a wireframing stage into your workflow.