10 Handy Photoshop Plugins and Actions for web design

26 September, 2013

1. Making a grid system in Photoshop

I have this plugin open every time I use Photoshop. It easily lets you set up your guides into a grid system. It’s probably the handiest plugin I’ve come across so far.


2. Linked Smart Objects in Photoshop

I often design multi-page websites in Adobe Photoshop, and one common annoyance is updating all the .psd’s with a new header or footer easily. A lot of people would argue the use of Fireworks, however I like many others prefer to use Photoshop especially as Fireworks is no longer being made.

This is handy little plugin made by Mike Hale and Jess Tranberry as PS-Scripts that lets you treat smart objects as linked files, making it easy to update smart objects across multiple psd’s.


3. Cut&Slice me

This is a CS6 only plugin that makes exporting your designs from Photoshop to the web easier. You can have overlapping slices and even export different resolutions of the same assets.


4. 10 Photoshop Actions to Create Vintage and Retro Instagram Style Effects

This is a good round up of some Instagram style actions where you can easily re-create all your favorite vintage and retro styles.


5. Photoshop action to create an outer space scene

Use this action to easily create an outer space image, just incase you ever need one! You can change the background colour and size of the images you want.


6. Create Polaroid photos with sticky tape or round stickers

These actions turn any image into either a round sticker with a peeled off edge or photograph complete with sticky tape!


7. WebZap

A fairly easy to use tool for creating very simple layouts and mockups. Has a handy library of common web elements, and a nifty presentation option to showcase your designs on an iPhone or ipad.


8. Transform Each

A Photoshop plugin to take the Transform Each tool into photoshop. It transforms each of the selected layers as if it was transformed individually. This could be particularly useful for a complicated web layout.


9. Corner Editor

In Photoshop you can draw a rounded rectangle or a rectangle with straight corners, but you can edit them, without having to draw a new rectangle. Here’s a little tool to edit the corner radius.


10. Google Nik Collection

A way to easily edit your photos with really nice filters. There’s 6 different types of filers ranging from colour correction to black and white, HRD, sharpening and noise correction.


Written by Jenny

Since joining Evoluted in 2011, Jenny’s extensive design experience has helped hundreds of our clients to obtain great results. Comfortable working on illustration, branding and print projects - as well as websites and apps - her skillset has been enhanced thanks to an intriguing career path.

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