Adam Insam Delivers Knockout Boxing Artwork

14 June, 2017

Our MD, Ash Young, has always been keen to encourage the team here to work on their own projects in their spare time. As a result, many of our designers, developers and marketers have successful and exciting side projects to shout about.

We were keen to start sharing these with you, to give you an idea of the great work the Evoluted team get up to in their spare time.

First up it’s Adam Insam, our Senior Designer. Adam joined the design team this year following the Evoluted takeover of local agency Reflow. With many years’ experience under his belt working on a mix of digital, design and print projects, he’s proving a great asset to the existing team.

Having trained as an amateur boxer, Adam retains a keen interest in the sport. As a result, he’s worked on the artwork for some of the biggest boxing fights in history in his own time – including Joshua vs Klitschko and more recently, local fighter Kell Brook vs Errol Spence.

Here he’s provided some insight into the work he’s done on those projects.

What were your motivations for doing the work?
I was an amateur boxer at University and found it a really rewarding experience. It’s a sport I’m passionate about. I’m also a big fan of Kell Brook so it was a real privilege to be able to design the artwork for his fight.

What sort of feedback did you receive?
Lots of people in Sheffield know who Kell is so I had lots of nice feedback, especially in the pub on fight night.

How much work was involved?
Around 8 hours in total. The parts that took the most time were coming up with initial concepts, retouching the photos and preparing everything for large format printing.

Where was the artwork used?
It was shared across social media by the boxers and boxing fans. On Instagram I saw it used hundreds of times. The day before the show they had the public weigh in in town and it was used as the banner on City Hall. My mum spotted it up on the New Era building by Bramall Lane too. She told her friend, ‘that’s my son’, and her friend thought I was Errol Spence for a minute.

Do you find Evoluted accommodating for side projects?
Sure, as long as it doesn't get in the way of my main work. Even our developer Stewart took some photos of the banner for me when I was away on holiday. What a dude.

What was the biggest challenge you faced with the project?
The day the fight was going to be announced and the artwork revealed, I was anxious. I was thinking, is this actually going to happen?

Have you worked on any other extra-curricular projects? If so, is there anything you’d want to share?
I made the boxing poster for Joshua vs Klitschko back in April, the biggest fight in British history, which was amazing. I was in Trinidad with my wife and her gran at the time it was announced and it was even in the paper there.

I'm also making a story book for my one year old daughter, which I’m going to illustrate and get printed. I did Illustration at University so it's a great opportunity to do something creative. It’s going to feature our two cats - they're her favourite things.

Written by Sean

As chief crafter of copy, Sean’s flair for writing engaging content continues to prove integral to our internal and client marketing activity. With more than 5 years' digital experience, he joined Evoluted back in 2015. He spends his days managing SEO strategy, producing content and assisting Evoluted’s clients.

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14 June, 2017


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