Design Inspiration #1

28 March, 2011

The Design Inspiration roundup series is an infrequent list of the sites that have caught my eye over the last week or so. These have been picked for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

First up we have 3 Sided Cube. Now, this website blew me away when I browsed it last week. Whilst the design is nice, modern and the colours really jump out of the screen for you, the real brilliance of this one is the execution of the programming. The sexy transitions from homepage to inner pages and the way the inner pages fade in really set this site apart.

Go Live Button is a beautiful design, I really love the well thought out illustrations, colour palette and the brilliant typography. The only thing that I'm really not convinced about is the twitter box bottom right, I just think they could have done abit more with it, rather than restyling the the standard twitter widget. it doesn't totally work with the rest of the awesome design.

I chose the Lost Type Co Op pretty much solely for the beautiful typography and layout. The whole project is the work of Riley Cran and the prolific Tyler Galpin and certainly displays Tyler's signature style of subtle textures, smooth stark design coupled with a stylish condensed font (of which the site is dedicated to and is being given away free)

RX Balance really caught my eye, its earthy tones, sketched effect background, sewed style approach to the navigation buttons and the natural feel that this site exudes is really calming. Combining the green, blue and brown is a real masterstroke, creating a design that is both relaxing and professional all at the same time.

Le Record Du Monde has some fine typography and has a beautiful live updated counter. I just love the colour palette, fonts and layout, they all work so well together. Be sure to check out the sexy transitions on the counter, but be quick... the countdown ends in 36 hours!

Yast is a simple online time tracker, it would have been so simple for the developers to have put a similar amount of simplicity into the design of their accompanying homepage. Thankfully they didn't fall in to that trap and have created a beutiful site design to match. The design, whilst being quite simple, really shouts and draws the eye to the right places on the screen.

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Ian P
16th October 2017 at 9:16am

I love the 3-sided cube site. It feels a little dirty that they don't work with js turned off, yet is so close to doing so!

Anyway, nice post but I hope you guys are not going to turn this blog into one of *those* blogs ;-) Everything has been good so far.

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Nik Gill
16th October 2017 at 9:16am

Thanks Ian, no we're not going to turn it into one of "those" blogs, but a little eye candy can't hurt from time to time ;) I definitely tried to write a better version of a listicle by giving a small critique of the sites I chose.

But hey, I'd like to throw this back at you... you're our audience, tell us what you'd like to see more of and we'll see if we can help!

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