Design Inspiration #10

12 December, 2014

Welcome to the 10th installment of the Design Inspiration series, a selection of recent sites that have caught our eye for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

Site 1:

The Jurassic World site is a promotional site for the next movie in the Jurassic Park franchise. The website works how a real life theme park site might, with features such as an interactive map, attraction waiting times and live weather conditions. Some aspects of the site are locked, and I suspect they will open when we get closer to the movie release date. It has a bright, blocky design and is a fun alternative way to find out more about the movie.

Site 2: is a live action & HTML5 experience brought to us by G-Shock. It is an interactive zombie game/film, which prompts users to complete a series of swipe tasks to move to the next stage of the story. These tasks can be completed with a mouse, but the experience works much better on a touch screen device using finger movements.

Site 3:

This one isn't a website, but an interactive Christmas Instagram campaign from Ted Baker (must be viewed using instagram app). With reports that Instagram's number of users have risen to 300 million (overtaking Twitter), it's no surprise that more & more brands are using it to engage their users. On the "tedselfie" account, users are asked to explore Ted's winter wonderland and find Santa's missing elves, for a chance to win amazing prizes.

Site 4:

This is the new website for Disney's film "Big Hero 6". The site makes great use of smooth animations, transitions and video to link the different sections of the site together.

Site 5:

Oakley's new Prizm™ goggles boast "revolutionary lens technology" and has a website designed to match. This clean, well built responsive site is a great example. I particularly like the parallax effect showing the difference between the naked eye view & the Prizm™ lens view.

Written by Will

Creative Director Will has been with Evoluted since 2011. In his role leading the design team, he continues put his extensive experience to use on an impressively-diverse array of websites. Will’s core skills include UX design, creative direction and responsive web design; whilst he’s also earned a renowned reputation as Evoluted’s chief provider of internal, novelty animated gifs.

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