Design Inspiration #6

22 October, 2013

Welcome to the 6th installment of the Design Inspiration series, a regular selection of recent sites that have caught our eye for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

Site 1:

Site 1 -

On a recent trip to Leeds I discovered "Red's True Barbecue". I was very impressed with the food, so decided to check out their website to see if they had any other locations. Unfortunately they don't, however they do have a good website. It has a nice graphic style and is also responsive. If you are ever in Leeds city centre & love BBQ food, you should check it out.

Site 2 - Alkopedia

Site 2 - Alkopedia

Alkopedia is an interactive tool where Swedish 13-15 year olds can learn more about alcohol (this is a link to a version in English). I really like the illustration style and I think it's an effective way to educate teenagers.

Site 3:

Site 3 -

This is a cool visualization of the latest hot searches on Google. You can select up to a 5x5 grid and view searches from the whole world, or searches from 12 individually selectable countries.

Site 4:

Site 4 -

GoMarco produce natural energy and protein bars. I really like how they have used product & ingredient images, combined with a wooden background texture. It matches their brand and company values well. The site also has an unusual navigation, that unfolds the site horizontally.

Site 5:

Site 5 -

Oscar is an American health insurance company. Their website is responsive and has a nice clean style that works beautifully on large desktop screens and mobile devices alike.

Written by Will

Creative Director Will has been with Evoluted since 2009. In his role leading the design team, he continues put his extensive experience to use on an impressively-diverse array of websites.. Will’s core skills include UX design, creative direction and responsive web design; whilst he’s also earned a renowned reputation as Evoluted’s chief provider of internal, novelty animated gifs.

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