Design Inspiration #8

14 January, 2014

Welcome to the 8th installment of the Design Inspiration series, a regular selection of recent sites that have caught our eye for their aesthetic and technical brilliance.

Site 1:

FlatGuitars is a collection of iconic guitars, beautifully illustrated by David Navarro. The site itself is also very slick, with a smooth scrolling transition between each guitar.

Site 2:

The Museum of Mario is an interactive HTML5 experience that explores the Mario games through different eras, from his first appearance in arcade games in the 1980's right through to modern day games.

Site 3:

I really like the interactive info graphics on Nballstats. This website covers lots of data about NBA teams since 1970. The smooth animations and transitions are very impressive, the only set back is that this website is Google chrome only.

Site 4:

This is the online version of the quarterly magazine "BEYOND BY LEXUS". The photography is excellent and I really like the high quality magazine feel of the design. The content is displayed very well and the user experience is enhanced by unobtrusive smooth transitions.

Site 5:

This is Google's popular "Mobile Playbook". This is a very impressive side scrolling responsive website, that breaks down very well to all screen sizes.

Written by Will

Creative Director Will has been with Evoluted since 2011. In his role leading the design team, he continues put his extensive experience to use on an impressively-diverse array of websites. Will’s core skills include UX design, creative direction and responsive web design; whilst he’s also earned a renowned reputation as Evoluted’s chief provider of internal, novelty animated gifs.

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