Integrating Cybertill With Your Website - Understanding What’s Possible With The API

14 March, 2018

A single view of stock levels is invaluable to the success of any business - particularly those operating between physical and online stores.

Thankfully, EPoS software has ensured the process is entirely manageable - with Cybertill leading the way in the marketplace.

At Evoluted, we regularly use the Cybertill API to develop bespoke EPoS integrations within the websites we build for our clients. We work with the software to ensure that if something goes out of stock online or in-store, it’s reflected in the other location.

This enables us to provide outstanding finished websites that successfully combine the usability and functionality of Cybertill with bespoke development and design from our team.

What Is Cybertill?

Cybertill is a piece of cloud-based EPoS software. Designed to help companies to excel amongst the multi-channel demands of the contemporary retail world, it enables any business to link seamlessly between physical stores, warehouses and online shopping.

The powerful Cybertill API can be utilised to ensure stock levels and orders are all manageable within one place and accessible to selected staff tiers.  

Tell Me More About EPoS

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) software is perfect for inventory tracking, viewing sales totals, payment processing and more. It supports data entry from devices including computers, touch screen monitors and barcode scanners and enables the company using it to view and manage orders from physical and online stores all in one place.

Fast, simple and easy to use, it can be adapted to the needs of each business to help save time and money.

What Exactly Is An API?

Application Programming Interface (API) development can be used to enhance your website with rich and complex functionality. It essentially enables you to ‘plug’ the functionality of an external piece of software into your own website and develop an integration between the two systems.

Why Is Cybertill A Great Option?

Designed to help companies to excel in today’s complex, multi-channel retail world, Cybertill offers an outstanding cloud retail management solution.

Cybertill’s RetailStore platform has helped to redefine the possibilities of cloud-based EPoS software.

Puck Stop Evidence Success

Based in Sheffield, Puck Stop are the UK’s leading supplier of specialist inline and ice hockey equipment. They are also one of our biggest client success stories to date.

As part of the long-standing relationship we enjoy with their team, we provide Puck Stop with ongoing SEO and PPC. The first point of business between Puck Stop and Evoluted, however, was the complex new site we launched for them back in 2017.

Designed to help them to transform their digital presence, the site was built with Cybertill integration forming the standout feature. Using the Cybertill API, we met several key objectives for Puck Stop through the new website:

  • Syncing of stock between store and website
  • All orders pushed through to one source
  • Gift card purchases and redemption online

You can see what their team had to say about the work we did in the video below:

Cybertill EPoS Integration and Bespoke Web Development

If you’re looking for a great website that also integrates with Cybertill then get in touch with our development team.

Contact us for a quote here.

Written by Sean

As chief crafter of copy, Sean’s flair for writing engaging content continues to prove integral to our internal and client marketing activity. With more than 5 years' digital experience, he joined Evoluted back in 2015. He spends his days managing SEO strategy, producing content and assisting Evoluted’s clients.

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