A Healthy Nu Makeover

26 May, 2016

For over 30 years, the Numed team have been providing medical equipment to the primary and secondary care healthcare sector. A family-run business based in Sheffield, they have become well-renowned for the vast array of diagnostic solutions they provide.

Their primary desire is to help make the lives of medical professionals easier. From the installation of equipment, to training and support, they've become the go-to supplier for many institutions.

Thanks to the wealth of experience the company's staff possess, Numed have a sound understanding of the demands being placed upon GP practices. As a result, they've been able to structure their services to best benefit those who most need them.

At Evoluted, we've now worked with Numed for a number of years. So when they decided they were keen to run a bit of a health check on their online presence as a whole, it was natural that they asked us to assist with the process.

A complete redesign of the existing Numed website was decided upon, whilst the client also chose to update their branding at the same time.

Integral to the new site build was the need to make it responsive. This is now a must in terms of the digital profile of a business. Given that many of Numed's site users access their site via tablet - with this only set to increase - this issue become even more important.

In terms of the new design as a whole, things have been kept fresh, clean and a little chunkier in appearance to help with the way the site is viewed across all devices. The menu has also been updated to assist with the user navigation process.

Other key changes included:

  • Homepage: This has been given a complete overhaul. It now features a panel-based layout that shows off the product category icons.
  • Responsive carousel: We made the carousel responsive and set the text within it to HTML. This means that the text is now not trapped within the picture. All in all, this makes the carousel more device-friendly and easier to read. It also means that it's easier to keep the site updated and re-use graphics.
  • Twitter feed: This has been removed and replaced with a clear call-to-action directing users to follow Numed on Twitter.
  • Product pages: The standardised product page layout received a major update with a new set of information accordions (menus that offer more info when clicked without the need for a new page to be opened) now included. This has made product information easier to find and digest.
  • Search: We spent considerable time developing the new site so that it is now easier to search within.
  • Browser appearance: As a lot of customers are NHS-based, the site still needed to be able to support IE8 and IE9. Many professionals working within the trade are stuck with these older browsers.

In terms of the CMS, we primarily left things the same due to this being an older site that has grown over time. A couple of small new parts were added to support the new website design. These focused around the way the site displays video and the new homepage slides.

All in all, the new site we've developed for Numed has been a resounding success. It's helped them to achieve their goal of modernising the online profile of their business, whilst the move towards a responsive design should also help them retain website visitors for longer.

Reflecting on the project, our MD at Evoluted, Ash Young, said:

"We're delighted Numed chose to move forward with a responsive redesign of their website. This has helped to refresh the online image of their brand and we're confident that they will enjoy further successes as a result."


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