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18 January, 2017

As a specialist manufacturer of van mats and seat covers, Van Mats UK have earned an excellent reputation for the innovative products they produce. From their base in Nottinghamshire, they utilise cutting-edge CAD technology to deliver their high standard products.

Van Mats UK's mats have been designed to cater for owners of a range of leading manufacturer vehicles. They were inspired to launch the company following the success of another similar business owned by the client - Car Mats UK.

At Evoluted, we've actually been working with Car Mats UK for many years. Given the success the client has enjoyed to-date with that company, they were keen to use us for their van mats venture too.

What Was The Brief?

To ensure that we built the client an e-commerce website that would help them to excel online, there were a series of key things we needed to consider:

  • Usability: The site needed to be designed to encourage conversions wherever possible. In order to do this, it was vital that the site was designed to ensure that users could understand how to easily navigate around the site.
  • Easily obtainable information: Providing users with the tools they need to make a purchase is an important part of the buyer process. The content on a website page plays a big part in this. For Van Mats UK, we were keen to display any important information in an easily-understandable format; so that users could search by product or manufacturer as appropriate.
  • Visuals: To encourage engagement with the site, it needed to be full of bold, visually-appealing design elements. This would require us to use an appealing colour scheme and carefully-selected imagery.
  • Admin: We needed to provide the client with a CMS (Content Management System) that would make it easy for them to add any required imagery and information.
  • Previewing purchases: We were also keen to ensure that potential customers could use the site to customise and preview products ahead of making any purchases. We felt this would ultimately help the site to provide buyer satisfaction.

What Did We Do?

With this being an e-commerce site, we wanted to fulfil two primary goals - deliver a great user experience and encourage conversions wherever possible. The initial brief was designed around these ideas and we achieved our targets in the following ways:

Useful Imagery

The imagery used throughout the site has been included to enhance the user experience and help customers find the products they need. Imagery of the different van mat types and finishes feature corresponding photos to help users view exactly what products they are buying. There are also photos of the mats inside their corresponding vehicles.

simple navigation

Accessible Menu Structure

Prior to building the site for the client, we felt that elsewhere, the process of buying the right mat or seat cover was overly complicated. With this site, we wanted to remove any difficulty for potential buyers. We did this by making it simple for the user to browse by car manufacturer or products. Clear imagery and structure are used throughout the site's menus to guide the user around.

simple navigation

Appealing Extras

For van owners that want to put their own spin on their products, we integrated a series of features within the site that would allow them to add custom touches. These included embroidery and trims. Users are able to preview different colours for any trim alterations. They are also able to select from a wide range of different materials.

simple navigation

Clearly-Displayed Reviews

We felt that it would work well to integrate TrustPilot reviews within the Van Mats UK site. We also wanted to give these reviews prominent positioning. The excellent reviews being generated from the site are further helping to strengthen the client's market positioning.

simple navigation

Content Management System

The CMS that we've built for the client is highly bespoke. To help ensure that things like adding image combinations and previews doesn't become too taxing, we've built a system that works perfectly for the client. This was a key factor in them being able to populate the site quickly.

What Were the Results?

The site is already helping the client to enjoy success with their new business venture. For them, we've delivered an e-commerce site that is all about simplicity and results. In what can often be a complicated marketplace for buyers, the site we've built stands out for its quality.

As part of the client's marketing strategy, we have been running Google Adwords campaigns since the launch of Van Mats UK site. This is working really well for them. We expect this activity to help them enjoy superb growth moving forward.


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