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25 January, 2016

When managed correctly, Adwords can be the most effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal. In terms of generating leads and improving the visibility of your company online, there are few better routes to follow than the pay-per-click business model.

At Evoluted, we consistently utilise Adwords to deliver tangible results for a diverse range of UK clients. Our calculating team are highly-experienced and continue to adjust their strategy appropriately for both small and large-sized accounts.

In light of this, it was appropriate that we were recently invited by Google to become members of their exclusive Elevator programme. Open only to selected UK businesses, this initiative has been designed to enable Adwords teams with exceptional potential to grow to new heights.

The invitation came as a direct result of how we've impressed with the performance of our client's accounts to date. The additional support and assistance we're now being offered by Google will only further enhance our Adwords management service.

Upon becoming members of the Elevator programme, Evoluted's Managing Director Ash Young said:

"We already manage a number of high-profile PPC accounts, many of which have been under our guidance for a number of years.

"Whilst we know that our existing clients are delighted with the work we do, this will help our team to develop even further and provide an extra degree of confidence to new clients when they choose to use us for the management of their Adwords accounts."

Adwords for Your Business

If you're interested in Adwords for your own business - or would like your existing account more effectively managed - there are number of ways in which our team can help. From the creation of highly-targeted landing pages, to a complete upheaval of an existing account, our team can help you to improve your ROI:

Keyword Research

Without targeting the right keywords, you're going to struggle to achieve the sort of results that you should be getting from Adwords. To help with this, our team can provide an extensively-researched list of keywords that can help you to improve your ROI. They form this based on an understanding of the search terms related to your products. This can subsequently be used to identify opportunities for profitable campaign creation with relatively low competition.

Landing Page Creation

One of the main reasons why an Adwords account may not be performing can be the effectiveness of your landing pages. These form a key component of the Quality Score Google uses in their ad auction, so it's essential that you get them right. Our team of developers can create these pages for you, whilst we also have highly-experienced copywriters that can write conversion-focused content to populate them.

Complete Overhaul of an Existing Account

Our team are sometimes required to begin work on accounts that have been brought to Evoluted in a bit of a mess. This can be a common theme if an account has been managed by lots of different companies during its history. When this happens, we will do all we can to better optimise the account. This can include everything from targeting new keywords; to the creation of hundreds of new ad groups, to altering the balance of the account between the search and display networks.

Making Tweaks to an Existing Account

Sometimes we begin management on existing accounts that don't require too much initial work to at least improve the ROI they generate. Things that we look at commonly include the keyword match types that are currently being targeted, the landing pages the ads are currently using and the lists of negative keywords that are in place.

Setting an Account Up from Scratch

It may be that you've not previously invested in Adwords but you're keen to begin. For us, this is ideal. We can create a new account for you from scratch, ensuring that we break it up into effective campaigns right from the word go. By having a list of negative keywords in place before you even spend any money, we can help to ensure you're not throwing money at auctions you shouldn't be a part of.

To find out more about any of the services mentioned here, please don't hesitate to contact us for an informal chat. You can do so by calling 0114 272 9753.


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