Evoluted Marketing Team Attend BrightonSEO

5 October, 2018

Last Friday Evoluted’s marketing team made the long journey down-south for a jolly by the seaside, attending one of the UK’s premier marketing events - BrightonSEO.

What started as a casual conversation in the pub, is now a huge event happening twice-yearly. Now in its 19th incarnation, BrightonSEO is respected globally as a leading event for search marketers, with over 3000 professionals travelling from all over the world to attend last Friday's conference.

Attending the various training sessions, talks, expert Q&As, and networking events throughout the day at BrightonSEO gave the Evoluted team a great opportunity to share our knowledge and to learn from some of the best in the industry.

‘Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…'

We asked those who went to give a run down of their favourite talks of the day, and to highlight any insightful tips they picked up to start implementing for our clients:

Neil Hale, Head of Marketing

“The sheer number of different tracks throughout the day means there is truly something for everyone, no matter your level of expertise, with sessions focussed on other topics including biddable media and personal development.

My favourite talk of the day was Arianne Donoghue’s ‘Why Failure Should Be An Option For All Of Us’.

Talks at large events often fall into the trap of becoming too self-promotional. It was refreshing to see a speaker deliver a self-deprecating talk that offered a series of reminders that most of life’s best teachings come from making mistakes."

“One great tip I picked up was for search queries triggering featured snippets. It’s possible to view the next domain in line to the throne by appending a minus symbol followed by the current incumbent’s domain. 

Useful if you are attempting to win a featured snippet from another site and want to see how close you are to achieving your goal!

Sean Potter, Content Manager

“I felt this year’s Brighton SEO had several actionable takeaways that I could take away and apply to the campaigns I work on day-to-day. Search conferences can often focus too much on massive sites with budgets that aren’t relatable to anything you work with, so this was refreshing.

Patrick Reinhart’s talk about indexation and cannibalisation was a good example of this. Adjusting your grander ambitions in line with exactly what the client wants may not always be ideal, but it can still bring strong results and help to manage the relationship. It’s always worth taking a step back and considering this approach, no matter the campaign budget.

I also enjoyed John Brasington’s talk on ‘Contextual Optimisation’. There were some interesting points raised around considering the positioning of new website content in more depth in terms of how it could interact with, enhance and interfere with existing pages.

Jo Callwood, Content & Outreach Specialist

“Charlie Marchant's 'How to Definitely Get Links for Your Business' was absolutely my favourite talk of the day. She provided fantastic insights into creating your own unique research to gain credible backlinks. Charlie showed how her link building tactics could help any type of business, no matter how niche. It gave me lots of inspiration for our own clients at Evoluted!"

Giorgio Cassella, Technical SEO Specialist

“I loved the opportunity to get stuck into topics I wouldn’t usually come across in the day-to-day, but teach really transferable skills.

The talk I enjoyed most was by Rachel Costello on the topic of 'How to Tackle Enterprise Sites'. Large sites with more than 100k URLs require cross-sectional analysis to sample sets of pages for insights, rather than assessing every single page."

“My top tip from BrightonSEO was Eloi Casali’s research into how knowledge panels impact the costs of PPC. Having just two knowledge panels for a search can result in much higher CPCs, worth keeping note of!

Staying ahead of the competition

Search engines like Google are rolling out changes all the time to their algorithms and how search results look and feel, often without warning or announcement.

In fact, there have been 8 confirmed updates in 2018 alone, with many more suspected changes happening in the background!

Beyond reading the latest news and implementing new techniques on their own projects, meeting with other experts in the field is one of the best ways for our search professionals to remain at the cutting edge.

Attending events like BrightonSEO means our marketing team are always at the top of their game, a trait that has led to amazing results for our clients.

Contact our team today to find out how they can help you succeed with search.

Written by Giorgio

Experienced Technical SEO Specialist Giorgio enjoys getting stuck into data analysis to uncover user behaviours. He possesses a strong understanding of development practices and enjoys testing and pushing ideas to the limits of possibility.

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