Flying to New Heights

14 January, 2016

Spanish-based company MadridFly recently established a brand new indoor skydiving centre in Madrid. Their unique facility provides beginners and pros with the opportunity to fly inside their state-of-the-art wind tunnel.

The tunnel has been manufactured in conjunction with KeelWit Technology. As a globally-renowned company, they possess a deep understanding of aerodynamics, heat transfer mechanics and energy efficiency; so they were well-placed to have a telling hand in the realisation of the project.

MadridFly requested our services to design and build the new website they needed to accompany their business venture. For this, there were two key focuses. Firstly, it was essential that we developed the site to be multilingual - with Spanish and English versions. In addition, the design also needed to be responsive to mobile devices.

In the early stages of development, one of the key things we were keen to avoid was the complicated and long-winded processes sometimes seen in the booking stages of activity-related sites. We worked hard to ensure that the booking process was kept as simple as possible, particularly across different devices.

As the project progressed, one of the challenges that we needed to overcome was building the site whilst MadridFly were also building their own facility. This did put the client under pressure to add content, but with plenty of communication we were able to progress things together.

The need to factor in the issue of content - as well as a desire on the client's part to launch some of the services at different times - led to us launching the website in stages for the client. Gift vouchers and packages could be booked before Christmas, before the rest of the features were added in the New Year.

With the site completed, users are now able to book one of the many different flight packages; whilst they can also buy a gift voucher for their friends and family. In terms of the client, they're able to create customised galleries in our company-designed CMS (Content Management System) and add them to any of the activity pages.

Other features included a pro-flyers account area and a 'camps' functionality. This is basically a service that allows a pro-flyer to register to get an account, create their own 'camp' and become an instructor at the facility for a group of other flyers. Pro-flyers need to be approved by the admin team.

The pro can then book time with MadridFly; in smaller, regular slots. To do this, they first have to book the slots of time for the camp they wish to host, before they can then resell these via the site to interested individuals. Pro-flyers' accounts are credited with subsequent payments as they're made.

Ash Young - Managing Director at Evoluted - was pleased with the final results of the project:

"We're pleased to have been the company to provide MadridFly with the website they required to develop as a business. This is a really exciting project and we were able to work closely with the client to provide all the features they required from the site.

"Whilst the site looks simple, there are in fact a number of innovative development processes implemented behind the scenes. One of these is the multiple shopping baskets feature, which has been deliberately hidden from the user."


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