Hatching A Digital Plan

28 June, 2017
Evoluted worked on our brand new website from start to finish. They were extremely helpful throughout and attentive to any query - big or small. Their systematic and professional approach helped us to launch a very successful website.

Serving companies across the globe, Interhatch specialises in services for the poultry and avian species markets. They offer a range of established and innovative products for incubation, hatchery, bioscience and other professional applications.

Interhatch's old online offering actually consisted of a 'set' of 5 websites. Each of these had very limited amounts of information on them. Ultimately, they were hard to read and difficult for users to follow.

Following an initial meeting, the client was confident we could improve their digital presence. To get the new website right, we spent time understanding what the client wanted to achieve.

What Was the Brief?

Responsive Design

Due to internal changes within the company - including a rebrand - we needed to adapt the brief over time to ensure that we met the client's requirements:

  • A big part of Interhatch's business comes from exporting their products to the Middle East. This would need to form a feature of part of the new site design.
  • The site wouldn't be e-commerce, but customers would still need to be encouraged to make contact with the company.
  • The visuals of the new site needed to ensure that the Interhatch brand was sold in a more user-friendly way online.

What Did We Do?

Responsive Design and CMS

In addition to the site-specific features, we also integrated two key areas with the new site design. Firstly, it has been given a responsive build, to ensure that it meets the requirements of mobile users. In addition, the site also benefits from a brand new content management system. It will be far easier to manage and maintain moving forward as a result.

Informative Product Pages

With the new site, products are now divisible within detailed and structured categories. All of the product pages have appropriate imagery, whilst selected products also benefit from video content. This plays a big part in ensuring the new site is far easier to engage with than the previous offering.

Informative Productive Pages

Customer Journey

The site has been designed to direct customers towards contacting the Interhatch team with specific requests. This linked into the way in which the menus were subsequently structured. It has helped products to be promoted in a much more effective way.

Interhatch Category Page

Multi-Lingual Exports Page

The exports page on the site is available in both English and Arabic. It changes from left to right, to right to left, to accommodate for the different languages. This works for the image placement and contact form too. The remainder of the site is in English.

Interhatch Arabic Language


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